Sunday, September 7, 2008

TireBlast™ Nitrogen Tire Inflation

The TireBlast™ Nitrogen Tire Inflation System from South Tek Systems is the best way to care for your vehicle's tires. The Roush Fenway NASCAR Racing Team is even trying it out themselves!

Nitrogen tire inflation has been used in the NASCAR circuit for years, along with the aircraft industry and the military. It is a proven way to improve your vehicle's performance. Nitrogen tire filling maintains your vehicle's proper tire pressure for a longer period of time thereby:
  • improving car handling,
  • extending tire life expectancy, and
  • improving gas mileage
Nitrogen makes up up almost 79% of the air we breathe while Oxygen accounts for about 21%. Pumping Oxygen into your tires means your tire pressure warning light will come on about once a month to tell you to increase the air pressure in your tires in order to maintain optimal performance. This is because Oxygen permeates through the rubber tire wall at a faster rate than Nitrogen. Nitrogen molecules are larger than Oxygen molecules and have less kinetic energy which means that they will permeate at a much slower rate. Not only does Nitrogen tire inflation improve a vehicle's performance, it also improves its safety.

The TireBlast™ Nitrogen Tire Filling System is ideal for automotive repair service and tire shops. It is compact, quiet, and mounts easily to the wall or Nitrogen storage tank (also available from South Tek Systems).

Be sure to ask your automotive service station if they use the TireBlast™ System to take care of your tires.

A great resource for further research into Nitrogen Tire Inflation can be found here:

Why Use Nitrogen Tire Inflation


South Tek Team


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