Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Making Nitrogen From Thin Air

South-Tek Systems is excited about a fresh look for our 2008 / 2009 marketing campaign. Our new advertising and marketing efforts will reach out to companies that use Nitrogen gas for their production, with information on the cost savings, convenience, reliability and other advantages of trading in traditional heavy steel Nitrogen canisters and cylinders for a Nitrogen gas generator from South-Tek.

Highlighted Features and Benefits of the campaign include:

  • Low cost of operation. Generate your own nitrogen at your site and reduce your nitrogen costs by up to 90%!
  • Fast payback. Systems average 12 to 14 month ROI (See our Nitrogen Generator Cost Savings Analysis)
  • Expandable. Take advantage of our equipment expansion/return customer program.
  • Fully automatic. Production begins when demand downstream is sensed.
  • Reliability. Systems operating over 20 years.

Lease option. Monthly payments for the term are still significantly less than your monthly Nitrogen gas company bill...then own the system for a $1 buyout.
More news to come about making nitrogen from the ultimate in a cheap, infinitely renewable resource - thin air!
And remember - You can always contact South-Tek Systems through our website to Buy Nitrogen Generators, obtain pricing, or to get additional information from our knowledgeable sales staff.

The South-Tek Team


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