Saturday, November 1, 2008

WineLast™ - Keep Your Wine Fresh & Tasting Great Longer

The WineLast™ Wine Bottle Nitrogen Purging System is designed for the restaurant and bar industry to serve wine from various bottles while preserving the flavor and freshness of the wine in each bottle until you serve the next glass.

Any establishment that serves a selection of wine by the glass understands the issue of keeping wine fresh. You don't want to open a bottle to serve one glass, then have the bottle sit and the remaining wine become stale. Once you open a bottle, air interacts with the wine, causing it to oxidize and quickly become stale. While it's good for some wines to decant and be exposed to air before drinking it, it's not good to have that wine exposed to air overnight or for days.

Therefore, to protect the freshness of the wine in each opened bottle, you want to prevent prolonged exposure to air. The WineLast™ works by displacing the oxygen laden air in the wine bottle with a Nitrogen purge. The system conveniently mounts under your bar and allows you to keep wine fresh longer by purging with Nitrogen for 2-4 seconds before re-corking the bottle.

For more details about the WineLast™ product for restaurants and bars, please refer to our Wine Bottle Nitrogen Purging Product Guide.

Please be sure to contact the South-Tek Systems team with any questions you may have about the WineLast™ or the BeerBlast™ Mixed Gas Dispense System for pouring draft beer.

Thanks and Enjoy!


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