Monday, December 28, 2009

N2 GEN Portable Nitrogen Generator from South-Tek Systems Completes Military EMIP Review

South-Tek Systems N2 GEN portable Nitrogen Generator series successfully completed a review by the military-based Expedited Modernization Initiative Procedure (EMIP).

Wilmington, N.C., December 28, 2009 -- South-Tek Systems, designer and manufacturer of Nitrogen Generators, has successfully completed a review of its N2 GEN series of portable Nitrogen Generation systems by the military based Expedited Modernization Initiative Procedure (EMIP).  Only a dozen technologies a year are chosen to go through the EMIP review process, which involves an extensive application and submission method for each technology.

The N2 GEN Series Nitrogen Generator gives U.S. warfighters the capability of producing inert Nitrogen gas, an element critical to maintenance in the field or at the maintenance facility.  The N2 GEN eliminates the safety and logistical issues involved with transporting high pressure gas cylinders.

According to the official EMIP website, "The Expedited Modernization Initiative Procedure (EMIP) is a multi-phased and continuous market research process" conducted by the U.S. Military with the goal of educating Government representatives about new technologies for vehicles and fleets.  "EMIP is primarily designed to suggest improvements to the current and future fleet of tactical wheeled vehicles and other systems. EMIP seeks to identify an industry's investments in proven, advanced, commercial technologies at the component, and subsystem levels, at a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 7, or better."

TRL 7 readiness level requires demonstration of an actual system prototype in an operational environment such as a vehicle, aircraft, or space. 

EMIP seeks technologies that will improve the capabilities of current and future military vehicles and places emphasis on technologies that address solutions in warfighting capabilities that include safety, survivability, reliability/maintainability/sustainability (RMS), distribution/mission enhancements (DME), and mobility.

For the past four years, the N2 GEN portable Nitrogen Generator from South-Tek Systems has been incorporated into Humvee mounted optical labs and mobile maintenance trailers.  It has been deployed in combat venues in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

In particular, the N2 GEN supports safety capabilities that are sought through the EMIP process, reducing non-combat casualties by eliminating the need for transporting high pressure cylinders of compressed Nitrogen gas to maintenance sites.  The RMS capabilities of the N2 GEN reduce operator maintenance tasks by reducing paperwork and eliminating the need to transport gas cylinders or arms to and from maintenance depots and sites.

"Providing Nitrogen in the field of active duty is a particularly complicated problem because compressed Nitrogen is not readily available," says Charles Metzler of South-Tek's Military/Industrial Division.  "We feel that completing this review process will help South-Tek Systems bring the N2 GEN to the attention of those who need it the most."

For more information about South-Tek Systems and the N2 GEN Series portable Nitrogen Generator, visit  To learn more about the EMIP process, visit


Charles Metzler
South-Tek Systems
2940 Orville Wright Way
Suite 600
Wilmington, NC 28405


Monday, December 21, 2009

Fuel Tank Safety Using Nitrogen Generators

Fuel tanks are closed or sealed pressure vessels carrying highly flammable gases for the purposes of providing fuel to a source such as an aircraft.  Such fuel tanks run a high risk of fire or explosion when the following three factors are in play:
  1. Heat as an ignition source,
  2. Fuel as the contents of the vessel, and
  3. Oxygen to initiate and sustain the fire
Eliminating one of these three factors prevents the potential for fire or explosion.  Since a fuel tank carries fuel - one of the three vital factors - that one cannot be eliminated.  If it is not possible to eliminate the heat or ignition source, then it is necessary to eliminate or significantly reduce the presence of Oxygen in the tank.

The process of reducing Oxygen from the fuel tank is called inerting.  One way to accomplish an inert atmosphere is to pump Nitrogen gas into the tank in order to displace the Oxygen and reduce its content to a level below the threshold required for combustion.  Nitrogen is a cool, dry, inert gas that acts as a safe replacement for Oxygen within a pressure vessel such as a fuel tank.

A Nitrogen Generator provides a great advantage when used for inerting fuel tanks.  N2 Generators supply a steady stream of Nitrogen gas on-demand and on-site in a safe and reliable system.  In comparison to a high pressure Nitrogen gas cylinder, there are a number of advantages including:
  • increased safety, 
  • increased reliability, 
  • decreased costs over time,
  • decreased dependency on gas company deliveries,
  • increased savings on Nitrogen gas that is otherwise lost to evaporation during delivery and storage in high pressure cylinders
  • increased self sufficiency when gas company contracts can be eliminated and N2 gas generated on-site.
South-Tek Systems specializes in designing and manufacturing Nitrogen Generators used in a wide range of applications, including fuel tank inerting.  South-Tek employs a Flow Verification Program to ensure that each client is appropriately suited with the most efficient Nitrogen Generator for their particular application.

Contact South-Tek Systems today to inquire about the use of a Nitrogen Generator for inerting your fuel tank today: 888-526-6284

Monday, December 14, 2009

Heat Treating Safety with A Nitrogen Generator

Heat treatment of metals requires the presence of N2 gas for both safety during the process of treatment and quality of the final product.  Nitrogen is used to quickly cool a metal that has been heated to extreme temperatures in order to alter its properties, often for conditioning and hardening.  It is also used for blanketing purposes in order to provide a safe and neutral atmosphere for treatment.

See more information about Heat Treating with Nitrogen Gas.

Metals and alloys are heat treated to enhance their strength and build up their resistance to wear and corrosion.  Metals can also be tempered to increase flexibility or to relax stresses.  Heat treatment application results in high quality parts that can be supplied at competitive prices, especially when Nitrogen gas is generated on-site for blanketing purposes to reduce oxidation and absorb hydrogen.

A Nitrogen Generator from South-Tek Systems is effective at producing high purity N2 gas on demand using a simple and reliable process.  The use of a Nitrogen Generator in heat treatment of metals streamlines the process, making it more safe, reliable, and cost-effective.

There are a number of techniques that can be applied to heat treating metals using Nitrogen gas as a blanketing agent for both safety and quality concerns and/or a forced air cooling agent for heated metals.
  • Quenching
  • Tempering
  • Annealing
  • Hardening
  • Galvanising
  • Normalising
  • Sintering
For more information on heat treatment using Nitrogen, please Contact South-Tek Systems, worldwide leaders in engineering and manufacturing of custom Nitrogen Generators: 888-526-6284.

Friday, November 20, 2009

South-Tek Systems Announces Contract to Supply Nitrogen Generators for Power Plant

South-Tek Systems has been awarded a new contract to supply Nitrogen Generators for a 600 MW (nominal) 2 X 1 Combined Cycle Power Plant at an existing Energy Complex of a major Utility Company.

Wilmington, N.C., November 20, 2009 - South-Tek Systems, designer and manufacturer of custom Nitrogen Generators, is pleased to announce that it has acquired a new contract to supply two 2,250 SCFH Nitrogen Generators for a 600 MW (nominal) 2 x 1 Combined Cycle Power Plant at one of this major Utility's existing Energy Complexes.

South-Tek Systems, founded in 1996, engineers and manufactures Nitrogen Generators in a variety of sizes and styles to meet the needs of a wide range of applications, including those in the power plant industry.  Nitrogen gas can be used for purging, inerting, or blanketing an atmosphere to inhibit corrosion within boiler tubes, condensers, and steam drums as well as increase safety, efficiency, consistency, and quality of a product or environment.  Nitrogen Generators make producing and supplying the appropriate amount of N2 gas easier, more reliable, and more cost efficient.

The power plant project procurement and implementation is being managed through one of the largest worldwide engineering and project delivery firms, with offices in the Northeast, that has been providing a comprehensive range of professional services to the power industry for over 100 years.
This worldwide engineering and project delivery firm focuses on long term partnerships with their customers to develop and execute effective solutions to a diverse range of energy challenges facing the industry such as meeting growing energy demand, maximizing performance of existing assets, and reducing carbon footprint.

South-Tek Systems has been chosen to design, furnish, fabricate, assemble, test, deliver, and support installation, testing and commissioning, of the Nitrogen Generators at the Combined Cycle plant.

"We are excited to be moving into the energy industry with our Nitrogen Generators," says Charles Metzler, co-founder of South-Tek Systems.  "We provide a valuable resource for power plants and energy companies to increase safety, cut costs, increase reliability, and eliminate the hassle or expense of dealing with high pressure Nitrogen gas cylinders or bulk liquid Nitrogen.  We know that safety and efficiency are a crucial focus of maintaining a power plant and our Nitrogen Generators will play an important role in sustaining those elements."

South-Tek Systems' Nitrogen Generators will provide a critical maintenance function for this Fortune 500 energy company providing electricity throughout the Southeast.   This company is pursuing a balanced strategy for a secure energy future, which includes aggressive energy-efficiency programs, investments in renewable energy technologies and a state-of-the-art electricity system.

For more information on South-Tek Systems and Nitrogen Generators, visit and


Charles Metzler
South-Tek Systems
2940 Orville Wright Way, Suite 600
Wilmington, NC  28405   


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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Juki announces exclusive partnership with South-Tek Systems

Juki Corporation, a provider of automated assembly products and systems, announces that it has signed an exclusive partnership with South-Tek Systems, a nitrogen generator engineering and manufacturing company. Under the agreement, South-Tek Systems will supply the nitrogen generating equipment necessary for Juki's selective soldering machines, including the FlexSolder W150.

See full announcement from Juki Corporation here:

Juki announces exclusive partnership with South-Tek Systems

South-Tek Systems has also announced this exclusive partnership.  Please see full details here:

South-Tek Systems Partners with Juki Automation Systems

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dry Boxes Use Nitrogen Gas to Prevent Moisture

Dry Boxes are used for a variety of purposes and in many designs depending on the application - but they are always used to keep the contents of the box dry. 

Some dry boxes are used for deep sea diving to depths of up to 30 meters and generally seal to prevent water from entering the box.  Other dry boxes hold musical instruments, equipment, or moisture-sensitive products and are also designed with a special seal to prevent moisture from entering.

There are also dry boxes that are used in laboratories or manufacturing plants, particularly electronics manufacturing and circuit board assembly.  These dry boxes must maintain a constant dry, inert atmosphere for successful production.  In some cases, the dry boxes themselves are constructed from material that is permeable to moisture.  Simply sealing the box to create isolation will inevitably lead to the creation and introduction of moisture within the box.

To successfully eliminate moisture levels from dry boxes used in the lab, a continuous stream of Nitrogen gas must be pumped into the container to inert the atmosphere and purge it of water vapor-producing oxygen (See more info on Dry Box Purging with Nitrogen Gas).

Maintaining a steady flow of Nitrogen gas can be costly if you're depending on a gas company to supply you with high pressure N2 gas cylinders.  Anytime the chamber is opened, a greater amount of N2 gas is necessary to purge the atmosphere again.  It may be hard to predict how much Nitrogen you will need and how quickly you will empty your tank depending on the particular project you are working on.  You face the risk of running out of Nitrogen or running your gas costs way up.

One solution to the issue of maintaining the necessary amount of Nitrogen gas for your dry box without worrying about running out or running up your costs is to invest in a Nitrogen Generator.   A Nitrogen Generator will produce high purity Nitrogen gas on-site and on-demand.  Using a simple process that literally generates N2 gas from the air all around us, a Nitrogen Generator will never run out out of gas and will eliminate your contract with the gas company.

South-Tek Systems designs and manufactures Nitrogen Generators custom for your dry box, electronics, or circuit board application.  Contact South-Tek today to get an estimate on purchasing a Nitrogen Generator appropriate for your needs: 888-526-6284.

We'll even enroll you in our Flow Verification Program to ensure that you'll receive the most optimal Nitrogen generating system for your production needs.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Use of Nitrogen Generators in the Chemical Processing Industry

Chemical processing plants take safety and safety hazards very seriously due to the volatile nature of chemical ingredients and products.

It is crucial to handle chemicals with the utmost care to ensure that they not be allowed to react to their environment in a way that might affect either the product or the environment.

Nitrogen gas is often used as a blanketing agent for chemical processing plants in the production, storage, and handling of chemicals.  Chemically inert Nitrogen gas can protect against the dangers of fire, moisture contamination, and product deterioration associated with the presence of Oxygen and naturally occurring atmospheric moisture.

Chemical processing plants use Nitrogen gas for tank blanketing in storage and transport of chemicals.  This process uses a steady stream of N2 gas to take up any extra space within a tank containing chemicals to reduce the presence of Oxygen, which may cause the contents to become highly flammable, and water vapor which may affect the nature and quality of the product (See more details about Nitrogen Use with Chemical Processing).

N2 gas may also be used for purging to remove moisture and inhibit Oxygen production. Purging is a continuous process that requires large amounts of Nitrogen in a uninterrupted flow.

The Chemical processing industry also uses Nitrogen for inerting, the process of applying Nitrogen to an atmosphere in order to displace the presence of Oxygen and prevent the danger of explosions. Since Oxygen is an essential component for ignition, Nitrogen is pumped in to inert the environment and increase the level of safety and quality.

Due to the constant stream of high purity Nitrogen gas necessary for these applications within the chemical processing industry, a Nitrogen Generator is a wise choice for creating on-site, on-demand N2 gas.  Not only is it a cost effective way to produce the necessary levels of Nitrogen, it is also a safer, more reliable way to generate N2 gas as compared to using high pressure liquid N2 cylinders from a contracted gas company.

South-Tek Systems designs and manufactures custom Nitrogen Generators for use in the chemical processing industry.  Contact South-Tek today to find out how a Nitrogen Generator can streamline your operations and create a more efficient production line: 888-526-6284.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Use of Nitrogen Generators with Cell Incubators

Nitrogen gas is used for cell incubators to help preserve the optimal levels of temperature and humidity as well as the levels of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide in the incubator atmosphere.  Nitrogen gas is a clean, dry, inert gas used for taking up space in order to maintain a delicate and precise environment.

Cell incubators are used primarily for experiments in cellular biology and molecular biology.  Also, known as CO2 incubators, there are a variety of styles, sizes, and models available in the marketplace.

In order to function at the optimal level, it is necessary to pump a steady stream of Nitrogen gas into the cell incubator to preserve the delicate atmosphere.  See more info on Cell Incubators and Nitrogen Gas.

Although Nitrogen gas is easily found in the air all around us, separating Nitrogen from Oxygen requires either a steady supply of liquid N2 gas in high pressure cylinders acquired from a gas company OR a Nitrogen Generator that will create N2 gas on-demand and on-site with no need for deliveries or contracts.

South-Tek Systems is a designer and manufacturer of custom Nitrogen Generators for a wide variety of uses including cell incubators.  Our products are ideal for maintaining the optimal atmosphere within an incubator, no matter what size or style.

South-Tek has recently partnered with MidAtlantic Diagnostics to be the exclusive provider of Nitrogen Generators for their IVF embryonic incubators.  We have also partnered with Ming-Mei to provide Nitrogen Generators for their IVF equipment throughout Asia. (See: South-Tek Systems Exclusive Partnerships.)

Nitrogen Generators from South-Tek Systems are a safe, reliable, and cost effective solution to fulfill the demand for N2 gas with cell incubators.  Contact South-Tek Systems today to learn how we can provide your business with the ideal N2 Generator to suit your needs: 888-526-6284.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Biofuel Manufacturing with Nitrogen Generators

As biofuel production becomes more and more widespread, the issue of safety, - especially in terms of the handling, transporting, and storage of methanol - becomes more of a concern for experts to consider.

When methanol is stored in tanks, it has a tendency to form vapors that are extremely flammable.  In an effort to prevent the formation of these vapors, Nitrogen gas is introduced as an inert gas to take up the extra space in the tank.

The process of using Nitrogen in atmosphere blanketing, or tank blanketing, for methanol gas increases the safety factor of storage and transport.  Nitrogen is a clean, dry, inert gas that is nonflammable and noncombustible.  Nitrogen is introduced to the tank to eliminate the presence of Oxygen, an essential factor for combustion. 

See more info on Biofuel Storage Tank Purging with Nitrogen Gas.

Research with Nitrogen blanketing and biofuel production has shown that, in addition to preventing hazardous fires, the presence of Nitrogen in methanol, biodiesel, and soybean oil storage tanks also reduces oxidation and other factors that affect the quality of the biofuel.  So the process of Nitrogen blanketing not only increases the safety factor of storing and transporting biofuel, it also provides a high quality product.

Further contributing to the safety factor is the use of a Nitrogen Generator for providing high purity Nitrogen gas on-demand for the tank blanketing process.  A Nitrogen Generator eliminates the need for dealing with high pressure N2 cylinders while safely and reliably providing the purity and flow necessary to maintain the proper inert atmosphere for blanketing applications.

Use of a Nitrogen Generator on-site is also a cost effective solution to tank blanketing for biofuel production:
  • eliminate contracts with gas suppliers, 
  • generate as much or as little N2 gas as necessary at any given time, 
  • maintain a constant, steady supply without worrying about running out, and 
  • eliminate the cost of gas lost to evaporation during transportation and storage. 
Don't let the cost of Nitrogen blanketing compromise your safety or the quality of your product.  Find the solution that won't break the bank.  Contact South-Tek Systems today to learn how we can provide you with a custom designed Nitrogen Generation with the purity and output ideal for your biofuel production needs.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How Nitrogen Generators Can Benefit the Aircraft Industry

Commercial and military aircraft can benefit from on-site nitrogen generators in significant ways including:

Inerting aircraft fuel tanks - Aircraft fuel tank vacant container space, or ullage, may contain a mixture of fuel vapor in air that presents a fire and explosion hazard. This hazard can be eliminated if the air is replaced by an inert gas to displace oxygen and prevent ignition. Using Nitrogen as the inert gas in aircraft fuel tanks has proven successful in eliminating this hazard. Producing N2 gas with a Nitrogen Generator provides several benefits over using liquid Nitrogen cylinders. It is convenient, cost effective, and considerably more safe than handling liquid N2 gas.

Nitrogen Filled Aircraft Tires - The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires nitrogen in all commercial aircraft tires. The U.S. Government including NASA and the Military also require nitrogen tire inflation for their aircraft. Nitrogen filled tires eliminate the potential for water vapor from compressed air to freeze at high altitudes. It also prevents deflation caused by Oxygen leaking through the tire walls. Nitrogen helps maintain tire pressure at varying altitudes. A Nitrogen Generator provides the necessary N2 gas on-site and on-demand in a safe, reliable, and cost effective alternative to liquid Nitrogen cylinders.

See more info on Aircraft Maintenance with Nitrogen Gas.

South-Tek Systems designs and manufactures Nitrogen Generators for a variety of applications, including aircraft fuel tank inerting and Nitrogen tire inflation. Eliminate gas company contracts and rely on your on-site Nitrogen Generator to provide the high purity, on-demand Nitrogen gas required for your particular application.

Contact South-Tek Systems today to inquire further about our Nitrogen Generators for aircraft fuel tank inerting and Nitrogen tire inflation.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

South-Tek Systems Ships First Nitrogen Generator to Ming-Mei

In July, 2009, South-Tek Systems announced a partnership with Ming-Mei to provide Nitrogen Generators for their state-of-the-art in vitro fertilization (IVF) equipment throughout Asia (read: South-Tek Partners with Ming-Mei).

We are now happy to announce that in September, 2009, South-Tek shipped its first nitrogen generator to Ming-Mei for use in IVF laboratory applications in Taiwan.

We are excited to realize the benefits of this partnership, especially in terms of the convenience, safety, and cost savings for the end user.

You can learn more about South-Tek Systems' Exclusive Partnerships for Nitrogen Generators.

For inquiries about our Nitrogen Generator products, including our N2 Series Generators for industrial and laboratory applications, please contact South-Tek Systems at 888-526-6284.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

South-Tek Systems Teams Up With Horizon

South-Tek Systems has been busy creating a network of strategic partnerships with companies in fields that can use nitrogen generating equipment to help bring our Nitrogen Generators to the market.

Here is the third in our series of strategic partnerships:

South-Tek Systems is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Horizon Sales, a company dedicated to the electronics industry.

Horizon Sales is the leading Manufacturers Rep Agency serving the Mid-West. Offering a combined experience of more than 75 years they continue to sell and support manufacturing companies in the territory through professional expertise, integrity and service.

Horizon is also an industry representative for Juki Automation Systems who specifically recommends South-Tek Systems' Nitrogen Generators for their line of selective soldering machines (read: South-Tek Systems Announces Partnership with Juki Automation Systems)

For more information on our network of partnerships, please visit:

Check out more articles and information about Electronics Manufacturing with Nitrogen Generators:

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

South-Tek Systems Teams Up With Full Line Industrial Products (FLIP)

South-Tek Systems has been working toward creating a network of strategic partnerships with companies in fields who can take advantage of nitrogen generating equipment to help bring our Nitrogen Generators to the market.

This is our second in the series of strategic partnerships:

South-Tek Systems is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Full Line Industrial Products, a company dedicated to the petrochemical industry.

Full Line Industrial Products, or FLIP, INC. for short, has been around since late 1975. They are are manufacturers' representatives with a Warehouse in the heart of the Louisiana Petrochemical industry. Chemical, Refining, Power, Gas & Oil , Paper, Plywood and Industrial Plants make up their customer base. FLIP, Inc. enjoys the challenge of finding a need, finding solutions, and standing behind the product so everyone has satisfied customers.

For more information on our network of partnerships, please visit:

Check out the rest of the series in our blog:

South-Tek Teams Up With Circuit Technology

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

South-Tek Systems Teams Up With Circuit Technology

South-Tek Systems is working hard to build a network of strategic partnerships throughout a variety of industries to help bring our Nitrogen Generator products to the market.

Here is our first in a series of announcements about strategic partnerships:

South-Tek Systems is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Circuit Technology, a company dedicated to circuit board related training.

Circuit Technology Inc. is an IPC Master Training established in 1998 in response to the tremendous need for circuit board related training. Their current class offerings are in the JSTD-001, 7711/7721, A 610, 600 and 620 IPC programs as well as multiple custom and assembly process related curriculum. Today they have two training centers one in Raleigh, NC and the other in Clearwater, FL, with a satellite site in Baltimore, MD. The team of four full time instructors, including Spanish speaking, brings over 50 years of experience to assist customers with their training challenges.

Circuit Technology is committed to providing innovative and flexible solutions to your circuit board training requirements; whether it is IPC certified programs or custom developed programs to your specifications; resulting in higher yields and maximized profits for your organization.

Circuit Technology is also an industry representative for Juki Automation Systems who specifically recommends South-Tek Systems' Nitrogen Generators for their line of selective soldering machines (read: South-Tek Systems Announces Partnership with Juki Automation Systems)

For more information on our network of partnerships, please visit:

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

South-Tek Systems Now A Certified Supplier at DOD EMALL

South-Tek Systems, engineer and manufacturer of Nitrogen gas generators, is now a certified supplier at DOD EMALL, an ecommerce website exclusively for military customers and authorized government personnel.

Wilmington, N.C., September 8, 2009 -- South-Tek Systems, designer and manufacturer of Nitrogen Generators, is now a certified supplier at DOD EMALL - "The First Choice Support for the Warfighter"- a service of the Defense Logistics Agency at the US Department of Defense. The DLA is the Department of Defense's largest logistics combat support agency, providing worldwide logistics support in both peacetime and wartime to the military services as well as several civilian agencies and foreign countries.

DOD EMALL is an Internet based Electronic Mall, which allows military customers and other authorized government customers to search for and order items from government and commercial sources. DOD EMALL is a Department of Defense program operated by DLIS and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

South-Tek Systems has been supplying specially designed portable nitrogen generation systems to the Army and Marine Corps both on the front lines in Iraq and Afghanistan, and on bases throughout the world.

"The process of becoming a DOD EMALL supplier took some time and persistence," says Charles Metzler, who heads up the Military/Industrial Division at South-Tek, "but we are excited at the additional accessibility to the Warfighter that it provides for our products. The N2 GEN Nitrogen Generator we have designed for military use can easily go wherever the Soldier and Marine need nitrogen gas and it is far safer and more convenient than high pressure tanks of compressed nitrogen. Our presence as a supplier on DOD EMALL will make even more military personnel aware that they have the option of generating their own nitrogen at their work site."

DOD EMALL provides a secure location to shop and order NSN's and commercial items, using a powerful search engine to access product information from a wide variety of Government and Supplier managed catalogs. DOD EMALL now has over 1450 commercial catalogs with over 32 million items available to registered users.

"South-Tek Systems has had a GSA contract for the last 4 years, and is listed in CCR and WebFlis" adds Metzler. "The DOD EMALL now provides a secure, encrypted method of purchase making it even easier for our military personnel to find our products and quickly get them shipped to where they are most needed."

For more information, please visit or, and search for South-Tek Systems.


Charles Metzler
South-Tek Systems
2940 Orville Wright Way
Suite 600
Wilmington, NC 28405


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nitrogen Generation in Military Ground Systems

South-Tek Systems was recently recognized in Military Logistics Forum as being the supplier of Nitrogen Generators used by both the Marine Corps and the Army.

South-Tek developed and manufactures the N2-Gen Series Nitrogen Generator, among other nitrogen gas generating products. The N2-Gen was initially designed for use by the Marine Corps, and incorporates features identified through field testing in Iraq.

The Military uses the portable N2-Gen Series Nitrogen Generators in their operations to allow the user to continuously produce nitrogen from air. This locally produced nitrogen is safer than high pressure cylinders of gas, and can significantly reduce the logistics footprint required to order, transport, maintain, and resupply the gas.

South-Tek Systems is an official GSA vendor for Nitrogen Generating equipment since 2005. To find our products through this service, please visit GSA Advantage and search for "South-Tek Systems."

For more information on the N2-Gen Series, please visit:

Monday, August 10, 2009

Nitrogen Generators Made in the USA

South-Tek Systems is based in Wilmington, NC, USA and is proud to support our local economy by ensuring that all of our Nitrogen Generator products are constructed in our production facility here in North Carolina.

In spite of a tightening national and global economy throughout the end of 2008 and the first half of 2009, South-Tek Systems experienced steady growth and even made some big new developments:

South-Tek Systems is moving forward with new developments every day and we take great pride in the quality of our Nitrogen Generator products and the service we provide to our customers and potential customers. You can rest assured that your Nitrogen Generator is constructed right under our noses here in North Carolina and that our quality control standards are exceptional.

Thank you to all our customers - past, present, and future. We appreciate all your support and look forward to continued growth and development for years to come.

Friday, July 17, 2009

South-Tek Partners with Ming-Mei for IVF Equipment Solution in Asia

South-Tek Systems announces exclusive partnership with Ming-Mei to provide nitrogen generators with state-of-the-art IVF equipment throughout Asia.

Wilmington, N.C., July 17, 2009 - South-Tek Systems teams up with Asian company Ming-Mei to provide nitrogen generators for Ming-Mei's state-of-the-art in vitro fertilization (IVF) equipment throughout Asia. This exclusive partnership will benefit the end user in terms of being cost effective, reliable, safe, and convenient.

Incubators in which embryos are cultured during IVF require keeping the oxygen content to only 5%, as opposed to the 20% that is naturally present in air. To ensure that the oxygen level is kept to 5%, a constant stream of pure nitrogen gas must be introduced and maintained in the incubator at a carefully controlled rate. A nitrogen generator ensures that the proper level of N2 gas is maintained and is available on demand as necessary. This is the most optimal way to provide the nitrogen gas necessary for successful IVF treatments.

The South-Tek Systems partnership with Ming-Mei in Asia provides the benefits of decreasing incubator nitrogen gas costs significantly; eliminating N2 gas cylinder refills; ensuring that the incubator is never without the correct supply of nitrogen; increasing the level of convenience for IVF labs; and allowing labs to produce nitrogen gas on-site and on demand.

South-Tek Systems co-founder Charles Metzler is excited to extend the reach of their product throughout Asia with the Ming-Mei partnership: "South-Tek believes in the quality and integrity of our nitrogen generators, especially for applications as sensitive as in vitro fertilization. Our new partnership with Ming-Mei pairs the reliability and convenience of our nitrogen generators with the advanced, state-of-the-art technology that Ming-Mei offers and reaches to their extensive IVF market in Asia."

South-Tek Systems specializes in engineering and manufacturing nitrogen generators and the N2 Series Generators for use in a wide variety of applications worldwide including industrial, military, laboratory, and process applications. Ming-Mei is a leading manufacturer and supplier of IVF equipment in Asia and offers a broad range of products and technical expertise.

For more information on South-Tek Systems and Ming-Mei, please visit and


Charles Metzler
South-Tek Systems
2940 Orville Wright Way
Wilmington, NC 28405


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

South-Tek Systems Featured in Greater Wilmington Business Journal

South Tek Systems was recently featured in the technology section of the Greater Wilmington Business Journal. In an interview, co-founder Charles Metzler talks about the inception of the company, the nitrogen generator product base, the growth the company has seen over the last year and moving forward, and brand new technology including the Flow Verification System.

South-Tek Systems is a Wilmington, N.C.-based company with a world-wide reach. The Greater Wilmington Business Journal is dedicated to publishing and promoting local industry news including technology, banking and finance, government, health care, real estate, and more.

South-Tek is excited about the article and the local exposure of the company and its growth, especially in light of our ongoing economic downturn. South-Tek's Nitrogen Generators help a wide range of businesses save money and make their processes more efficient and streamlined. By installing a Nitrogen Generator on-site, companies can:

To read the full article about South-Tek Systems in the Greater Wilmington Business Journal, please visit:

To learn more about South-Tek Systems and our Nitrogen Generator products, please visit our website:

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Remembering our Troops This Independence Day Holiday

South-Tek Systems would like to take time to remember our troops on this 4th of July Holiday. South-Tek has the unique opportunity to be a part of maintenance activities in the field, and it reminds us every day of the sacrifices that fighting men and women make for our country.

So while we celebrate the birth of our great nation and the democracy and liberty we enjoy every day, we take time out to appreciate all those who have fought for our freedom and those troops who are fighting today to uphold the freedom and justice of the United State of America.

Thank you and Happy Independence Day!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pay ONLY for the gas you use with a Nitrogen Generator

Are you paying only for the N2 gas you need and use for production, manufacturing, storage, lab use, etc. or are you also paying extra for gas that's lost to evaporation during delivery and storage in the tank?

It is a fact that a portion of Nitrogen gas delivered and stored in tanks on-site will evaporate and be lost for good before you get a chance to use it. This results in greater costs for you since you will have to purchase more N2 gas than you will actually use in order to account for the supply that's lost to evaporation.

Investing in a Nitrogen Generator for your production and manufacturing facility makes so much sense because it eliminates the extra costs associated with gas lost to evaporation during the storage period. Produce only the N2 gas you need, when you need it, and at the flow rate you require using a Nitrogen Generator on-site.

South-Tek Systems is dedicated to engineering and manufacturing Nitrogen Generators for military, industrial, processing, and lab use (and more!). We can supply a Nitrogen Generator that is ideal for your specific application and flow rate using our Flow Verification Program to ensure that the size and N2 gas output is appropriate for your use.

Contact South-Tek Systems today at 888-526-6284 or request pricing online for your industrial application and see how a Nitrogen Generator for your industry can help cut costs and improve efficiency.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Nitrogen Use with Selective Soldering

South-Tek Systems recently announced a partnership with Juki Automation Systems to supply the N2 gas generating equipment for Juki's selective soldering machines.

In January, 2009, we did a blog post explaining how Nitrogen gas is involved with electronics manufacturing and, in particular, selective soldering machines. This seems like a great time to re-visit that post and provide some context into how our partnership with Juki in this field will benefit the end user as a cost effective and efficient solution.

See: Electronics Manufacturing with A Nitrogen Generator

As the supplier of Nitrogen gas generating equipment for Juki's selective soldering machines, South-Tek Systems helps users receive a complete package with their FlexSolder W150 or Juki 350 models. They will not have to source their own Nitrogen gas from suppliers, paying for delivery and storage, relying on the gas company for accuracy and dependability. Users will have a steady supply of N2 gas at the ready with the Nitrogen Generator supplied with the selective soldering machine. They will not face exorbitant costs from the gas company or risk running out of gas at any point.

A Nitrogen Generator is a safe, reliable, and cost efficient solution for generating the Nitrogen gas necessary for manufacturing and production applications, including electronics manufacturing. We are excited about our partnership with Juki and are confident that the end user will receive the greatest benefit.

For questions or more information, please contact South-Tek Systems at 888-526-6284.

Friday, June 12, 2009

STS Announces Exclusive Partnership with Juki Automation Systems

Nitrogen generator engineer and manufacturer South-Tek Systems announces an exclusive partnership with worldwide leading selective soldering company Juki Automation Systems. South-Tek will supply the nitrogen generating equipment to be used with Juki’s selective soldering machines.

June 3, 2009, Wilmington, N.C. – South-Tek Systems, a nitrogen generator engineering and manufacturing company, announces an exclusive partnership with a leader in the selective soldering industry, Juki Automation Systems. South-Tek Systems will be supplying the nitrogen generating equipment necessary for Juki’s selective soldering machines, including the FlexSolder W150.

South-Tek Systems specializes in engineering and manufacturing nitrogen generators for a wide variety of applications, including all levels of industrial uses. Nitrogen gas is a necessary component for maintaining the delicate atmosphere so important to production, manufacturing, packaging, transportation, storage, laboratory equipment, and more. Nitrogen is a dry, inert gas that, either by itself or mixed with other gases, can stabilize an atmosphere by controlling or eliminating the presence of oxygen. Use of a Nitrogen Generator on-site is a safe, reliable, and cost-efficient alternative to liquid Nitrogen gas cylinder deliveries.

Juki Automation Systems is an industry leader in selective soldering equipment featuring the state-of-the-art FlexSolder W150 and the Juki 350 models. The FlexSolder W150 is a traditional mini-wave soldering module that can handle dual mini-waves for simultaneous or individual use. It is the only soldering machine on the market that can solder large connections or other devices without the need for changing nozzles. The Juki FlexSolder series offers the most flexibility of any soldering machine on the market and it also incorporates a closed loop solder bar feeder that can handle nearly any size and shape of solder bar.

“South-Tek Systems is proud to have an exclusive contract with Juki Automation Systems to be the Nitrogen supplier for their leading line of selective soldering machines,” says South-Tek Industrial Sales Manager Charles Metzler. “Juki is a giant in the electronics industry and our alliance with their company motivates and propels our own efforts as a manufacturer of Nitrogen generating equipment. We take great pride in the design and quality of our Nitrogen Generators and believe this partnership between two high quality manufactures will greatly benefit the end user.”

Nitrogen gas plays a crucial role in the performance of Juki’s selective soldering equipment. The N2 Series Nitrogen Generator from South-Tek Systems is an effective and efficient solution to providing the necessary gas output for the soldering machines. The exclusive partnership between Juki Automation Systems and South-Tek Systems benefits the end user of the machines in terms of being cost effective and high performance.

For more information about either company, please visit and

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Nitrogen Generators in the Laboratory

Nitrogen is used to control oxygen levels, humidity and temperature in a variety of lab equipment, including cell incubators, dry boxes, glove boxes, mass spectrometers and IVF incubators.

The necessity of constantly maintaining the atmosphere in these types of equipment requires large amounts of Nitrogen, which is easily obtained because of its large concentration in air. Providing it via tanks and bottles of liquid Nitrogen can be problematic, however, because of hazardous storage requirements, delivery delays, and run outs. The tanks and bottles are also heavy, making them difficult for lab personnel to handle.

A PSA Nitrogen Generator can provide the needed supplies of gas at purities up to 99.9995%, and at drastically reduced cost. In addition, the generator itself can be installed in a basement or corner of a room, with feed lines running to the equipment, even if it is located on multiple floors.

South-Tek Systems can engineer a Nitrogen Generator specifically for your laboratory application. Visit our website for pricing and additional information.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nitrogen Generators for Atmosphere Blanketing

Nitrogen is the perfect inert gas for atmosphere blanketing because it completely removes oxygen that can lead to fire, explosion or deterioration of materials during production, storage and transportation.

Nitrogen blanketing is used by chemical processes, biofuel manufacturing, and power plants. Ocean going freighters blanket cargo areas to retard oxidization of ore and other materials over long voyages, and blanketing is critical to many industries such as food and oil production to prevent spoilage, fire and explosions while storing and transporting their goods.

PSA Nitrogen Generators reliably and safely provide the purity and flow necessary to maintain the proper inert atmosphere for blanketing applications. Switching from a gas supplier to making Nitrogen on site provides these industries with as much Nitrogen as they need, when and where they need it, and saves considerable money for their bottom line.

At South-Tek Systems, designing and manufacturing Nitrogen Generators is our specialty. Each Nitrogen Generator is custom engineered for the unique application, location and requirements of each of our clients. For more information, visit our website or call 888-526-6284.

Monday, May 4, 2009

PSA Nitrogen Generator - Is It Adsorption or Absorption?

PSA Nitrogen Generators are the sturdy work horses of Nitrogen generation. They separate Nitrogen from the air through straightforward and reliable technology and last for 20 years or more with little maintenance. So what exactly does the PSA stand for?

"Presssure Swing" (the "PS") refers to the pressurization of the two vessels used for separation, which are typically filled with carbon. As the first one fills with air under pressure, the carbon material attracts all of the smaller oxygen and trace molecules, allowing the larger Nitrogen molecules to pass through the carbon and into a storage tank. As the first vessel is saturated, it starts to release pressure and vent off the oxygen, while at the same time the second vessel is starting the whole process over again. Hence the "swing" of pressure from vessel to vessel, resulting in a continuous process of Nitrogen production.

So what about the "A"? At South-Tek, we think the more accurate term for what occurs during this "swing" of pressure is Adsorption, and we are sticking with it. But it is just as common to hear the process referred to as "Pressure Swing Absorption."

To "absorb" is defined as "to soak up; to take up or receive by chemical action."

The definition of "adsorb" is to "accumulate (liquids or gases) on the surface; to gather (a gas, liquid, or dissolved substance) on a surface in a condensed layer."

It may seem like a picky distinction, but since the carbon under pressure holds molecules of certain gases on it's surface, then releases them when not pressurized, we find that adsorb more accurately describes the separation process. The carbon attracts the molecules of all gases in the air except Nitrogen, which is too big to "fit" on its surface. The carbon doesn't really "absorb" or soak up those molecules, it just holds onto them for a while until just the Nitrogen can be collected.

Regardless of the terminology, the end result is the same. Nitrogen gas is generated from the air cheaply, safely, and reliably, while eliminating the hassles of gas deliveries, storage of bottles and tanks, and keeping track of gas contracts.

Discover how a PSA Nitrogen Generator can simplify your production line by contacting South-Tek Systems today.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Nitrogen Generators Support the Top "Made in the USA" Industries

Among the chemical products, transportation equipment, processed food, beverage and tobacco products, and computers and electronics industries, American companies still outproduce those in any other country worldwide.

These industries also share something else in common: The importance of Nitrogen for their production and manufacturing processes. All of these industries have equipment used in making, storing, transporting, packaging, or preserving their products, that requires Nitrogen gas in order to perform their intended function, or to operate efficiently and safely.

Pharmaceutical and cosmetic products in the chemical industry use Nitrogen to inert the atmosphere and eliminate aerobic organism growth in lab equipment; to blanket storage vessels to retard spoilage and bacteria growth; and to safeguard stored combustible chemicals from oxygen, a hazard for fires and explosions.

Manufacturers of parts for automobiles, trains and ships, and the aerospace industry all use Nitrogen for laser cutting, welding and soldering.

Snack foods, coffee and many other packaged foods and beverages are sealed with Nitrogen gas replacing the air in the packaging and bottles to prevent spoilage, increase shelf life, and maintain freshness.

Circuit boards are an integral part of all electronics and computer assembly. The lead free soldering and reflow oven processes on the circuit board production line both use significant amounts of Nitrogen during operation.

Because the use of Nitrogen Gas is so prevalent in leading U.S. industries, Nitrogen Generators provide an important opportunity for U.S. producers of higher end products - such as machinery, capital equipment, and aircraft, as well as chemicals and food - to reduce costs, remain profitable and retain a worldwide leadership position for these goods.

Nitrogen Gas Generators are the least expensive means of obtaining non-cryogenic Nitrogen for manufacturing and laboratory purposes. In addition, Nitrogen Generators are a far more reliable source for Nitrogen than the gas company. That means they also eliminate costly plant delays and shut downs resulting from missed or insufficient Nitrogen gas deliveries.

In an economy where companies that seek to remain leaders in their industry are looking to lower operating costs in every way possible, opting for a Nitrogen Generator just makes good business sense.

Visit our website or contact South-Tek directly for an analysis of how much money your company can save with a Nitrogen Generator.

All the best from the South-Tek Team!

For more details about the manufacturing output of the United States, see the latest issue of Parade Magazine.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Nitrogen Generator at the Local Radio Station

Because the dew point of Nitrogen is so low, it is a very dry gas. That makes it the perfect inert gas for keeping anything dry in a wet environment. Nitrogen quickly dries pipes, machine parts, and even radio frequency transmission lines at the local radio station.

Nitrogen is also used to drive air tools. Because it is so much dryer than air Nitrogen prevents the tools from oxidizing and makes them last three to four times longer.

A Nitrogen Generator is an economical and much more convenient way to get the gas needed for these applications than purchasing bottles of liquid Nitrogen. A Nitrogen Generator also eliminates the need for storing and hauling around heavy tanks and bottles when you generate your own Nitrogen on site.

Membrane Nitrogen Generators also produce medical grade dry Nitrogen for pressure driven tools in operating rooms. The dryness of the Nitrogen not only keeps these precision, high-tech tools in the best of shape; it is also produced at the higher purity required for a hospital environment.

Contact us with your Nitrogen requirements, and we will be happy to provide more information about how a Nitrogen Generator can help you with your drying application.

Have a great weekend!

From the South-Tek Team

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Before You Buy, Verify! Get the Right Nitrogen Generator

Your Nitrogen Gas bills are a great place to start looking for the information you need about your Nitrogen usage when sizing and pricing a Nitrogen Generator. But determining accurate consumption can be tricky if you rely only on your bills to guide you in determining the right Generator for your needs.

The results of our Flow Verification Program have proven interesting and valuable for the users that have taken advantage of it so far. One thing that has come to light is how much your bills might vary from your actual usage as measured by the Flow Meter. In fact, one user determined that the total amount of Nitrogen actually used in their process was significantly lower than the gas they were billed for.

This can be a function of the fact that your gas supplier must account for several factors in their billing, including gas lost to evaporation while it is stored at your site. In addition, filling the tanker truck, transporting the gas, and transferring it to your storage tank all may result in losses to evaporation. Since you are paying based on the weight of the loaded liquid Nitrogen, those losses are just part of the delivery process for your supplier.

All of this means that your gas bills may be pointing you in the wrong direction. The flow verification results for the user in our example had a noticeable impact on the size of Nitrogen Generator the company needed. In their case, they ended up needing a smaller system than originally anticipated, saving them significant dollars - and frustration.

So is it worth it to verify before you buy? What if the Flow Meter exercise merely reinforces the information you get from your bills? We think that regardless of how the results compare to your bills, you will get a big helping of peace of mind. And that alone will make you glad you took this simple extra step. Contact us and we will be glad to walk you through the process.

The South-Tek Team

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Simple Way to Keep Up Filter Changes for Your Nitrogen Generator

At South-Tek Systems, we believe in keeping things simple. That is why our PSA Nitrogen Generators are engineered for little or no preventive maintenance and designed to last for 20 years or more.

In fact, the only maintenance necessary to maximize the life of your STS Nitrogen Generator and keep it operating at optimum performance is regular quarterly filter changes. Changing the filters is easy - they twist on and off with your hand and the process is done in minutes.

If you are running low on replacement filters, we have a simple solution for that as well. We now have a convenient online order form on the STS website. All you need to do is go to the Filter Replacement Products Page, enter your contact information, generator model, and the serial number (you can find this on the sticker right on the front of your generator) and we will be right back in touch with price and availability for the exact filter replacement products you need.

Things may only get complicated when the filters are not changed regularly. We want your life to be simple, too, so we will even send you reminders when your filter changes are due.

A Nitrogen Gas Generator is easy to maintain, and is the simplest and least expensive way to get the Nitrogen you need when you need it!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

South-Tek Systems Announces New Flow Verification Program for Sizing Your Nitrogen Generator

Choosing the right Nitrogen Generator for your Nitrogen application is critical to ensuring that your maximum usage is accommodated. You don't want to end up with a system that will leave you high and dry when you have unexpected spikes in Nitrogen usage. On the other hand, buying a generator that is larger than you actually need can mean unnecessary extra costs, a mistake that few companies can afford to make these days.

South-Tek Systems is committed to designing the right Nitrogen Generator for your needs, and now offers the Nitrogen Flow Verification Program, the ideal way to accurately verify your flow rate requirements prior to purchasing a Nitrogen (N2) Generator. This ensures the N2-Generator you purchase will be sized correctly for the flow requirements of your process. Taking this extra step will give you peace of mind and ensure that you are buying exactly what you need - without spending more than is necessary, and without having to "make do" with a less than optimal system.

The flow meter is housed within a 36” long pipe with flare fittings on either end. It is simple to connect to the tubing for your line, monitor the flow rate display, and record the maximum nitrogen flow rate used in your process.

Once your test has been concluded, it is equally easy to remove the flow meter pipe and reconnect the tubing for continued process use.

All you need to do from there is provide South-Tek Systems with the maximum flow rate you see during your test and we will size a N2-Generator properly to meet your nitrogen usage needs.

For details on how to take advantage of this service, contact South-Tek Systems. One of our technicians will guide you through the process of obtaining, installing and monitoring your flow meter, then propose the right Nitrogen Generator for your needs.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Getting Green and SAVING Green with a Nitrogen Generator

You may have already seen our post about the energy saving benefits of using a Nitrogen Generator. If you think about it, a Nitrogen Generator really just "borrows" Nitrogen from the air for your application. It then goes right back out to the air where it belongs, without dragging along dirt or contaminants with it, or creating any other particulate or nasty substance to alter the world around us. Nitrogen Generators also cut down on huge tankers hauling liquid down our nation's highways. Nitrogen comprises more than 78% of the air, so it is an infinitely renewable resource, and we find this completely neutral effect on the environment to be truly, well... natural!

And what will you do with the money you save when you end your gas contract and make your own Nitrogen with a Nitrogen Generator? You might look into even more opportunities to be greener with your business. Corporate tax incentives for energy efficient lighting, building insulation, renewable energy resources and many more energy and cost saving technologies have been in place for several years, and some have been extended this year. Considering some "green" modifications with the money you no longer pay the gas company might make those savings go even farther with energy conscious tax breaks.

We have a customized Nitrogen Generation System just for your application at South-Tek Systems. Contact us to find out exactly how much you can save, and how much "greener" your company AND your budget, can be!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Keeping an Eye on Your Nitrogen Gas Bill

If your company has been cutting back on shifts and production schedules, you are not alone these days. Industrial and manufacturing plants are making common sense adjustments every day that lower overhead costs, in response to fluctuations in demand.

Decreases in your Nitrogen gas usage will naturally accompany any lowered production times, which will reduce the frequency of your Nitrogen deliveries and overall monthly costs.

Keeping in mind that most gas suppliers have included per ccf price increases in anticipation of variations in delivery quantities, however, when your usage drops below the threshold for your contracted lowest price, the cost per ccf goes up. Not that this is such a big deal, since it is usually only a few cents, and overall your gas bills will be lower as your consumption drops.

The time to carefully look at those bills is when the economy starts to pick up and your consumption increases again. Start monitoring your per ccf charges as soon as production revs up. You may reach your contracted price level but still see the higher cost on your bill, and those additional pennies per ccf will start to add up quickly!

Right now may be a perfect opportunity to consider making your own Nitrogen on site. With a Nitrogen Gas Generator, the only Nitrogen costs you have to pay each month are included in your electric bill. You will save on expensive delivered gas costs from the minute your Nitrogen Generator is installed, and monthly gas costs become stable and predictable regardless of your production schedule.

With a Nitrogen Gas Generator, you can stop chasing down your discounted rate from the gas company. In fact, you don't have to track your Nitrogen costs at all.

That means you can keep your eye on growing your business, not on your Nitrogen bills!

South-Tek Systems can help you decide if a Nitrogen Generator makes sense for your business. Find out today!

Happy first day of Spring from the South-Tek Team!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Can I Put My Nitrogen Generator in a Closet?

This is not an unusual question from our clients when it gets down to figuring out where to put that new Nitrogen Generator. Manufacturing plants, laboratories and processing facilities are already crowded with equipment, and finding a convenient spot for a Nitrogen Generator takes careful consideration of the size of the system as well as your floor plan layout.

Before you get too focused on that underused closet or out of the way corner, it's a good idea to get dimensions not only for the generator itself, but for the air compressor and storage tank you may need. Both of these accessories will be sized for your specific application needs, and typically are installed together with your generator. Your Nitrogen Generator supplier can present options for placement that will fit with those needs. For instance, your specific requirements may allow you to opt for a generator that is actually mounted on the storage tank, a convenient space saver.

Once the right generator has been sized for your application, you will have specific dimensions for each component of your system, and can discuss placement options with your Nitrogen Generator supplier, or with your own mechanical engineering staff or consultant.

Regardless of your space considerations, eliminating the clutter, storage and handling time of bottles and tanks is a bonus on top of the cost savings your company will experience by opting for a Nitrogen Generator.

South-Tek Systems is a full service designer and manufacturer of Nitrogen Generators. Sizing the right system for your needs and factoring in your space requirements is all part of what we do for you!

All the best from the South-Tek Team!


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