Friday, January 2, 2009

The Convenience of a Nitrogen Generator

Dependency on a gas supplier for your Nitrogen needs is not only costly. You also give up control over downtime factors such as late deliveries, supply interruptions due to weather, and unanticipated spikes in gas usage leading to empties and shortages.

With a Nitrogen Gas generator installed at your facility, these inconveniences are eliminated entirely. Gas is produced and stored in response to demand in your downstream distribution system. So you always have a full tank ready to meet your needs.

When you no longer need a gas supplier, the necessity of tracking additional utility expenses disappears. There is no extra book keeping, inventory to account for, or gas contracts to negotiate. All of your Nitrogen gas costs become part of your electric bill, are predictable and stable, and are far easier to manage.

See our Nitrogen Generator Cost Savings Analysis to learn more.

Contact South-Tek Systems today for more details on how you can simplify your business with a Nitrogen Gas Generator.

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