Monday, January 19, 2009

Electronics Manufacturing with a Nitrogen Generator

Circuit boards are in the "guts" of all kinds of electronics, from computers to coffee makers.

Nitrogen plays a role in two different processes involved in the manufacturing of printed circuit boards.

First, the board is "cooked" in a reflow oven, where it is heated up and cooled down to allow the solder on the board to liquefy and then harden. Nitrogen is used in the oven as a controlled environment and allows the boards to heat up and cool down in a constant cycle.

Since both ends of the oven are open, a large amount of Nitrogen is pumped into the process.

Nitrogen is also used during selective soldering, where a robot looking machine with two mechanical arms places pieces of chips on to the boards and then solders it into place. Nitrogen is used at the point that a piece is put on the board to allow the solder to set correctly.

Between these two processes, a circuit board manufacturing company can find themselves facing huge costs to maintain the levels of Nitrogen needed for their product.

A Nitrogen Generator is located at the plant and can generate an endless supply of Nitrogen to meet those needs at far lower expense than relying on a gas supplier. In addition, there are fewer safety concerns and worries about downtime due to shortages from delivery interruptions and liquid Nitrogen tanks that unexpectedly run dry.

An on site, Nitrogen Gas Generator can bring you significant cost savings with your Nitrogen gas application, even if you use as little as two cylinders per week.

Let a trained expert from South-Tek Systems work the numbers for you and start saving today!

The South-Tek Team


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