Friday, January 9, 2009

Is a Nitrogen Generator worth the investment?

The question is obvious if you are considering a Nitrogen generator purchase for your business. What specific factors will figure into your decision?

Cost, reliability, safety, flexibility - all of these can be important to the smooth operation of your Nitrogen Gas application.

But you can't escape the fact that, especially with the current challenges posed by the economy, if the dollars don't make sense, your alternative is to work around the other factors to keep operating expenses under control.

How much, and within what time period, a Nitrogen Generator will positively impact your bottom line is key to making your decision. Most Nitrogen Gas applications require significant supplies that can add up to thousands of dollars in monthly gas charges. There are also tank leasing charges and other costs associated with managing gas contracts. The dollars certainly add up over months and years, with no end in sight!

What if you can redirect what you are already paying to the gas company for your Nitrogen application, purchase or lease a Nitrogen Generator, and use the savings that result from eliminating your reliance on monthly gas deliveries to start immediately paying your company back? Once the Nitrogen Generator has paid for itself in that way, then those monthly savings really result in cash flow for your business.

See our Nitrogen Generator Cost Saving Analysis.

If you go on to add up monthly savings and future cash flows, subtract out your initial investment, and end up with a positive result, it may be time to request a cost estimate for your Nitrogen Generator.

Start working the numbers, and if you need help estimating the value of your Nitrogen Generator investment, the experts at South-Tek Systems are ready to help. Contact us for a no-obligation cost savings analysis today.

All the best from the South-Tek Team!


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