Monday, January 12, 2009

Servicing and Maintaining a PSA Nitrogen Generator

Your PSA Nitrogen Generator from South-Tek Systems is engineered using inherently simple technology, with almost no moving parts. This results in unsurpassed reliability and performance, enhancing the peace of mind of our users and increasing safety in the workplace.

The generators are designed to be used in all climates, under a variety of conditions, all over the world, including in the most remote areas. The life expectancy of a PSA Nitrogen Generator reaches 20 years or more.

That means that the maintenance requirements are very minimal and when necessary, parts and service can be easily obtained using local suppliers.

The most important preventive maintenance is regular filter replacements. This is critical to preserving and maintaining the purity of the Nitrogen your equipment can generate.

Visit us at for more information about our Filter Replacement products and automatic maintenance program, or contact us directly at 888-5266284.

Thanks from the South-Tek Team!


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