Saturday, February 14, 2009

Purging With a Nitrogen Generator

High humidity and water vapor can negatively affect the use, operation and long term reliability of many instruments and systems.

Nitrogen purging removes moisture and inhibits oxygen production in electronic, optical, and high voltage equipment, as well as in storage containers where it is necessary to prevent air from coming in contact with stored materials.

Because purging is a continuous process, large amounts of Nitrogen are often necessary, and flow must be uninterrupted.

This can become costly for industries relying on gas companies for supplies of liquid Nitrogen.

Users of Nitrogen in high volumes will find it worth their while to investigate switching to an onsite Nitrogen Gas Generator for their gas supply. ROI is often no more than 1-2 years, effectively reducing operating costs for the short and long term.

Nitrogen Generators are also reliable and convenient, providing desired levels and purity of Nitrogen without interruption.

Find out here if you can save money and never run out of Nitrogen again!


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