Monday, February 23, 2009

Higher IVF Success Rates With a Nitrogen Generator in the Lab

Incubators in which embryos are cultured during IVF require keeping the oxygen content to only 5%, vs. the 20% that is in air.

To ensure that too much oxygen is not delivered to these cells, a constant stream of pure nitrogen gas must be constantly blown through the incubator at a carefully controlled rate. The lowered oxygen concentration in the incubator more closely mimics the conditions present in the fallopian tubes and uterus of a fertile woman. This results in safely culturing embryos until implantation, and higher pregnancy rates.

The large amounts of pure Nitrogen necessary for this constant rate of flow can be difficult and costly to obtain if you must depend on delivery of bottled gases from a supplier.

A Nitrogen Gas generator ensures that you have the Nitrogen you need in response to demand, at the cost of only the electricity needed to run the air compressor. And no more figuring out how and where to store high pressure tanks!

South-Tek Systems will provide you with expert guidance in choosing the right Nitrogen Generator for your laboratory and show you how to start saving money today.


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