Friday, February 13, 2009

Labs Use Nitrogen Generators for Dry Boxes

A dry box is a completely enclosed chamber designed for working in a preferred atmosphere, which is inerted using Nitrogen.

Because the boxes are constructed of acrylic polymers, they are permeable to moisture. Continuous purging of the chambers with Nitrogen gas keeps the moisture levels at their lowest possible percentage.

This continuous flow, however, requires large amounts of Nitrogen to maintain constant low moisure levels. Opening the chamber to add or remove samples also adds to the Nitrogen use rate.

This means that laboratories are often faced with high monthly bills from their gas suppliers, may face problematic interruptions in Nitrogen flow from depletion of gas bottles on hand, and also must accommodate hazardous storage procedures since Nitrogen is bottled under extremely high pressure.
Because it produces an uninterrupted supply of Nitrogen from the air, a Nitrogen Gas generator completely eliminates these problems, takes up far less space than all those bottles and cylinders, and Nitrogen gas costs become part of the electric bill at a far lower rate.

There is no downtime from empties or late deliveries, no need to store hazardous liquid Nitrogen bottles and cylinders, and there is always a ready supply of Nitrogen on hand.

See why a Nitrogen Generator will help you keep your laboratory operating costs down, and keep your Nitrogen flowing at the rate you need. Contact South-Tek Systems online, or call 888-526-2684.

All the best from the South-Tek Team!


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