Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Make Your Own Nitrogen and End Your Gas Contract TODAY!

A Nitrogen Generator can cut your Nitrogen Gas costs up to 90%, and leasing your generator provides even greater financial incentives to make the switch from using a gas supplier.

Right now, you are paying the gas company up to thousands of dollars each month to get your Nitrogen supply - and nothing else. You are also faced with gas taxes, tank leasing fees, contract management costs – your money just goes out the door, and the list of expenses goes on and on.

By diverting those monthly payments into a lease purchase option for a Nitrogen Generator, you will own your own equipment and never have to rely on gas deliveries again.

Leasing makes sense in so many ways:

  • You are using money you are already spending, to purchase your own equipment.

  • Lease payments are spread over 3, 4 or 5 years and, since you have a capital lease, you also have a depreciable asset. You can start writing off your purchase the very first year of your lease.

  • Choose no downpayment, or put down a percentage that will help control your monthly costs.

  • Instead of paying an unending cycle of monthly gas bills, at the end of the lease, buy your Nitrogen Generator for $1 and then STOP making payments - forever!

  • Your Nitrogen gas costs are then covered by your monthly electricity bill, and there are no additional leasing payments, gas taxes, or administrative costs.

  • Remember, to get a “good deal” from your gas company, they will require at least a 5 year contract, and at the end of the contract all you get is an increase in Nitrogen cost. Why not lease a generator at a lower monthly expense and then OWN your own Nitrogen generating system?

Leasing a Nitrogen Gas Generator from South-Tek Systems will lower your operating expenses and give you a reliable, safe, unlimited supply of Nitrogen.

To find out more about the financial benefits of purchasing or leasing a Nitrogen Generator for your company, contact South-Tek Systems at 888-526-2684, or visit us on the web at http://www.southteksystems.com/.


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