Friday, February 20, 2009

Nitrogen Generators Make Better Olive Oil!

Longer mixing times during olive oil production increase yield and help the oil pick up minor components which can improve flavor. Longer mixing, however, can result in oxidation and decreased shelf life if the mixed paste comes in contact with air.

Use of closed mixing chambers "blanketed" with an inert gas such as Nitrogen during the mixing cycle allow increased yield and flavor without the danger of oxidation.

Nitrogen is also used for sparging at bottling time, which further delays oxidation and rancidity.

A Nitrogen Generator is a cost effective means of producing the Nitrogen needed without the hassle of ordering from a gas supplier, or finding space to safely store bottles and cylinders of liquid Nitrogen. Nitrogen Generators typically result in savings as much as 90% over liquid.

To find out how a Nitrogen Generator can save money for your business, contact the South-Tek Team online, or call us at 910-332-4173.


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