Friday, March 13, 2009

Can I Put My Nitrogen Generator in a Closet?

This is not an unusual question from our clients when it gets down to figuring out where to put that new Nitrogen Generator. Manufacturing plants, laboratories and processing facilities are already crowded with equipment, and finding a convenient spot for a Nitrogen Generator takes careful consideration of the size of the system as well as your floor plan layout.

Before you get too focused on that underused closet or out of the way corner, it's a good idea to get dimensions not only for the generator itself, but for the air compressor and storage tank you may need. Both of these accessories will be sized for your specific application needs, and typically are installed together with your generator. Your Nitrogen Generator supplier can present options for placement that will fit with those needs. For instance, your specific requirements may allow you to opt for a generator that is actually mounted on the storage tank, a convenient space saver.

Once the right generator has been sized for your application, you will have specific dimensions for each component of your system, and can discuss placement options with your Nitrogen Generator supplier, or with your own mechanical engineering staff or consultant.

Regardless of your space considerations, eliminating the clutter, storage and handling time of bottles and tanks is a bonus on top of the cost savings your company will experience by opting for a Nitrogen Generator.

South-Tek Systems is a full service designer and manufacturer of Nitrogen Generators. Sizing the right system for your needs and factoring in your space requirements is all part of what we do for you!

All the best from the South-Tek Team!


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