Saturday, March 21, 2009

Getting Green and SAVING Green with a Nitrogen Generator

You may have already seen our post about the energy saving benefits of using a Nitrogen Generator. If you think about it, a Nitrogen Generator really just "borrows" Nitrogen from the air for your application. It then goes right back out to the air where it belongs, without dragging along dirt or contaminants with it, or creating any other particulate or nasty substance to alter the world around us. Nitrogen Generators also cut down on huge tankers hauling liquid down our nation's highways. Nitrogen comprises more than 78% of the air, so it is an infinitely renewable resource, and we find this completely neutral effect on the environment to be truly, well... natural!

And what will you do with the money you save when you end your gas contract and make your own Nitrogen with a Nitrogen Generator? You might look into even more opportunities to be greener with your business. Corporate tax incentives for energy efficient lighting, building insulation, renewable energy resources and many more energy and cost saving technologies have been in place for several years, and some have been extended this year. Considering some "green" modifications with the money you no longer pay the gas company might make those savings go even farther with energy conscious tax breaks.

We have a customized Nitrogen Generation System just for your application at South-Tek Systems. Contact us to find out exactly how much you can save, and how much "greener" your company AND your budget, can be!


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