Friday, March 20, 2009

Keeping an Eye on Your Nitrogen Gas Bill

If your company has been cutting back on shifts and production schedules, you are not alone these days. Industrial and manufacturing plants are making common sense adjustments every day that lower overhead costs, in response to fluctuations in demand.

Decreases in your Nitrogen gas usage will naturally accompany any lowered production times, which will reduce the frequency of your Nitrogen deliveries and overall monthly costs.

Keeping in mind that most gas suppliers have included per ccf price increases in anticipation of variations in delivery quantities, however, when your usage drops below the threshold for your contracted lowest price, the cost per ccf goes up. Not that this is such a big deal, since it is usually only a few cents, and overall your gas bills will be lower as your consumption drops.

The time to carefully look at those bills is when the economy starts to pick up and your consumption increases again. Start monitoring your per ccf charges as soon as production revs up. You may reach your contracted price level but still see the higher cost on your bill, and those additional pennies per ccf will start to add up quickly!

Right now may be a perfect opportunity to consider making your own Nitrogen on site. With a Nitrogen Gas Generator, the only Nitrogen costs you have to pay each month are included in your electric bill. You will save on expensive delivered gas costs from the minute your Nitrogen Generator is installed, and monthly gas costs become stable and predictable regardless of your production schedule.

With a Nitrogen Gas Generator, you can stop chasing down your discounted rate from the gas company. In fact, you don't have to track your Nitrogen costs at all.

That means you can keep your eye on growing your business, not on your Nitrogen bills!

South-Tek Systems can help you decide if a Nitrogen Generator makes sense for your business. Find out today!

Happy first day of Spring from the South-Tek Team!


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