Monday, April 20, 2009

Nitrogen Generators Support the Top "Made in the USA" Industries

Among the chemical products, transportation equipment, processed food, beverage and tobacco products, and computers and electronics industries, American companies still outproduce those in any other country worldwide.

These industries also share something else in common: The importance of Nitrogen for their production and manufacturing processes. All of these industries have equipment used in making, storing, transporting, packaging, or preserving their products, that requires Nitrogen gas in order to perform their intended function, or to operate efficiently and safely.

Pharmaceutical and cosmetic products in the chemical industry use Nitrogen to inert the atmosphere and eliminate aerobic organism growth in lab equipment; to blanket storage vessels to retard spoilage and bacteria growth; and to safeguard stored combustible chemicals from oxygen, a hazard for fires and explosions.

Manufacturers of parts for automobiles, trains and ships, and the aerospace industry all use Nitrogen for laser cutting, welding and soldering.

Snack foods, coffee and many other packaged foods and beverages are sealed with Nitrogen gas replacing the air in the packaging and bottles to prevent spoilage, increase shelf life, and maintain freshness.

Circuit boards are an integral part of all electronics and computer assembly. The lead free soldering and reflow oven processes on the circuit board production line both use significant amounts of Nitrogen during operation.

Because the use of Nitrogen Gas is so prevalent in leading U.S. industries, Nitrogen Generators provide an important opportunity for U.S. producers of higher end products - such as machinery, capital equipment, and aircraft, as well as chemicals and food - to reduce costs, remain profitable and retain a worldwide leadership position for these goods.

Nitrogen Gas Generators are the least expensive means of obtaining non-cryogenic Nitrogen for manufacturing and laboratory purposes. In addition, Nitrogen Generators are a far more reliable source for Nitrogen than the gas company. That means they also eliminate costly plant delays and shut downs resulting from missed or insufficient Nitrogen gas deliveries.

In an economy where companies that seek to remain leaders in their industry are looking to lower operating costs in every way possible, opting for a Nitrogen Generator just makes good business sense.

Visit our website or contact South-Tek directly for an analysis of how much money your company can save with a Nitrogen Generator.

All the best from the South-Tek Team!

For more details about the manufacturing output of the United States, see the latest issue of Parade Magazine.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Nitrogen Generator at the Local Radio Station

Because the dew point of Nitrogen is so low, it is a very dry gas. That makes it the perfect inert gas for keeping anything dry in a wet environment. Nitrogen quickly dries pipes, machine parts, and even radio frequency transmission lines at the local radio station.

Nitrogen is also used to drive air tools. Because it is so much dryer than air Nitrogen prevents the tools from oxidizing and makes them last three to four times longer.

A Nitrogen Generator is an economical and much more convenient way to get the gas needed for these applications than purchasing bottles of liquid Nitrogen. A Nitrogen Generator also eliminates the need for storing and hauling around heavy tanks and bottles when you generate your own Nitrogen on site.

Membrane Nitrogen Generators also produce medical grade dry Nitrogen for pressure driven tools in operating rooms. The dryness of the Nitrogen not only keeps these precision, high-tech tools in the best of shape; it is also produced at the higher purity required for a hospital environment.

Contact us with your Nitrogen requirements, and we will be happy to provide more information about how a Nitrogen Generator can help you with your drying application.

Have a great weekend!

From the South-Tek Team

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Before You Buy, Verify! Get the Right Nitrogen Generator

Your Nitrogen Gas bills are a great place to start looking for the information you need about your Nitrogen usage when sizing and pricing a Nitrogen Generator. But determining accurate consumption can be tricky if you rely only on your bills to guide you in determining the right Generator for your needs.

The results of our Flow Verification Program have proven interesting and valuable for the users that have taken advantage of it so far. One thing that has come to light is how much your bills might vary from your actual usage as measured by the Flow Meter. In fact, one user determined that the total amount of Nitrogen actually used in their process was significantly lower than the gas they were billed for.

This can be a function of the fact that your gas supplier must account for several factors in their billing, including gas lost to evaporation while it is stored at your site. In addition, filling the tanker truck, transporting the gas, and transferring it to your storage tank all may result in losses to evaporation. Since you are paying based on the weight of the loaded liquid Nitrogen, those losses are just part of the delivery process for your supplier.

All of this means that your gas bills may be pointing you in the wrong direction. The flow verification results for the user in our example had a noticeable impact on the size of Nitrogen Generator the company needed. In their case, they ended up needing a smaller system than originally anticipated, saving them significant dollars - and frustration.

So is it worth it to verify before you buy? What if the Flow Meter exercise merely reinforces the information you get from your bills? We think that regardless of how the results compare to your bills, you will get a big helping of peace of mind. And that alone will make you glad you took this simple extra step. Contact us and we will be glad to walk you through the process.

The South-Tek Team


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