Friday, April 17, 2009

Nitrogen Generator at the Local Radio Station

Because the dew point of Nitrogen is so low, it is a very dry gas. That makes it the perfect inert gas for keeping anything dry in a wet environment. Nitrogen quickly dries pipes, machine parts, and even radio frequency transmission lines at the local radio station.

Nitrogen is also used to drive air tools. Because it is so much dryer than air Nitrogen prevents the tools from oxidizing and makes them last three to four times longer.

A Nitrogen Generator is an economical and much more convenient way to get the gas needed for these applications than purchasing bottles of liquid Nitrogen. A Nitrogen Generator also eliminates the need for storing and hauling around heavy tanks and bottles when you generate your own Nitrogen on site.

Membrane Nitrogen Generators also produce medical grade dry Nitrogen for pressure driven tools in operating rooms. The dryness of the Nitrogen not only keeps these precision, high-tech tools in the best of shape; it is also produced at the higher purity required for a hospital environment.

Contact us with your Nitrogen requirements, and we will be happy to provide more information about how a Nitrogen Generator can help you with your drying application.

Have a great weekend!

From the South-Tek Team


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