Monday, April 20, 2009

Nitrogen Generators Support the Top "Made in the USA" Industries

Among the chemical products, transportation equipment, processed food, beverage and tobacco products, and computers and electronics industries, American companies still outproduce those in any other country worldwide.

These industries also share something else in common: The importance of Nitrogen for their production and manufacturing processes. All of these industries have equipment used in making, storing, transporting, packaging, or preserving their products, that requires Nitrogen gas in order to perform their intended function, or to operate efficiently and safely.

Pharmaceutical and cosmetic products in the chemical industry use Nitrogen to inert the atmosphere and eliminate aerobic organism growth in lab equipment; to blanket storage vessels to retard spoilage and bacteria growth; and to safeguard stored combustible chemicals from oxygen, a hazard for fires and explosions.

Manufacturers of parts for automobiles, trains and ships, and the aerospace industry all use Nitrogen for laser cutting, welding and soldering.

Snack foods, coffee and many other packaged foods and beverages are sealed with Nitrogen gas replacing the air in the packaging and bottles to prevent spoilage, increase shelf life, and maintain freshness.

Circuit boards are an integral part of all electronics and computer assembly. The lead free soldering and reflow oven processes on the circuit board production line both use significant amounts of Nitrogen during operation.

Because the use of Nitrogen Gas is so prevalent in leading U.S. industries, Nitrogen Generators provide an important opportunity for U.S. producers of higher end products - such as machinery, capital equipment, and aircraft, as well as chemicals and food - to reduce costs, remain profitable and retain a worldwide leadership position for these goods.

Nitrogen Gas Generators are the least expensive means of obtaining non-cryogenic Nitrogen for manufacturing and laboratory purposes. In addition, Nitrogen Generators are a far more reliable source for Nitrogen than the gas company. That means they also eliminate costly plant delays and shut downs resulting from missed or insufficient Nitrogen gas deliveries.

In an economy where companies that seek to remain leaders in their industry are looking to lower operating costs in every way possible, opting for a Nitrogen Generator just makes good business sense.

Visit our website or contact South-Tek directly for an analysis of how much money your company can save with a Nitrogen Generator.

All the best from the South-Tek Team!

For more details about the manufacturing output of the United States, see the latest issue of Parade Magazine.


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