Saturday, May 16, 2009

Nitrogen Generators in the Laboratory

Nitrogen is used to control oxygen levels, humidity and temperature in a variety of lab equipment, including cell incubators, dry boxes, glove boxes, mass spectrometers and IVF incubators.

The necessity of constantly maintaining the atmosphere in these types of equipment requires large amounts of Nitrogen, which is easily obtained because of its large concentration in air. Providing it via tanks and bottles of liquid Nitrogen can be problematic, however, because of hazardous storage requirements, delivery delays, and run outs. The tanks and bottles are also heavy, making them difficult for lab personnel to handle.

A PSA Nitrogen Generator can provide the needed supplies of gas at purities up to 99.9995%, and at drastically reduced cost. In addition, the generator itself can be installed in a basement or corner of a room, with feed lines running to the equipment, even if it is located on multiple floors.

South-Tek Systems can engineer a Nitrogen Generator specifically for your laboratory application. Visit our website for pricing and additional information.


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