Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Nitrogen Use with Selective Soldering

South-Tek Systems recently announced a partnership with Juki Automation Systems to supply the N2 gas generating equipment for Juki's selective soldering machines.

In January, 2009, we did a blog post explaining how Nitrogen gas is involved with electronics manufacturing and, in particular, selective soldering machines. This seems like a great time to re-visit that post and provide some context into how our partnership with Juki in this field will benefit the end user as a cost effective and efficient solution.

See: Electronics Manufacturing with A Nitrogen Generator

As the supplier of Nitrogen gas generating equipment for Juki's selective soldering machines, South-Tek Systems helps users receive a complete package with their FlexSolder W150 or Juki 350 models. They will not have to source their own Nitrogen gas from suppliers, paying for delivery and storage, relying on the gas company for accuracy and dependability. Users will have a steady supply of N2 gas at the ready with the Nitrogen Generator supplied with the selective soldering machine. They will not face exorbitant costs from the gas company or risk running out of gas at any point.

A Nitrogen Generator is a safe, reliable, and cost efficient solution for generating the Nitrogen gas necessary for manufacturing and production applications, including electronics manufacturing. We are excited about our partnership with Juki and are confident that the end user will receive the greatest benefit.

For questions or more information, please contact South-Tek Systems at 888-526-6284.


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