Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nitrogen Generation in Military Ground Systems

South-Tek Systems was recently recognized in Military Logistics Forum as being the supplier of Nitrogen Generators used by both the Marine Corps and the Army.

South-Tek developed and manufactures the N2-Gen Series Nitrogen Generator, among other nitrogen gas generating products. The N2-Gen was initially designed for use by the Marine Corps, and incorporates features identified through field testing in Iraq.

The Military uses the portable N2-Gen Series Nitrogen Generators in their operations to allow the user to continuously produce nitrogen from air. This locally produced nitrogen is safer than high pressure cylinders of gas, and can significantly reduce the logistics footprint required to order, transport, maintain, and resupply the gas.

South-Tek Systems is an official GSA vendor for Nitrogen Generating equipment since 2005. To find our products through this service, please visit GSA Advantage and search for "South-Tek Systems."

For more information on the N2-Gen Series, please visit:


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