Wednesday, September 9, 2009

South-Tek Systems Teams Up With Circuit Technology

South-Tek Systems is working hard to build a network of strategic partnerships throughout a variety of industries to help bring our Nitrogen Generator products to the market.

Here is our first in a series of announcements about strategic partnerships:

South-Tek Systems is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Circuit Technology, a company dedicated to circuit board related training.

Circuit Technology Inc. is an IPC Master Training established in 1998 in response to the tremendous need for circuit board related training. Their current class offerings are in the JSTD-001, 7711/7721, A 610, 600 and 620 IPC programs as well as multiple custom and assembly process related curriculum. Today they have two training centers one in Raleigh, NC and the other in Clearwater, FL, with a satellite site in Baltimore, MD. The team of four full time instructors, including Spanish speaking, brings over 50 years of experience to assist customers with their training challenges.

Circuit Technology is committed to providing innovative and flexible solutions to your circuit board training requirements; whether it is IPC certified programs or custom developed programs to your specifications; resulting in higher yields and maximized profits for your organization.

Circuit Technology is also an industry representative for Juki Automation Systems who specifically recommends South-Tek Systems' Nitrogen Generators for their line of selective soldering machines (read: South-Tek Systems Announces Partnership with Juki Automation Systems)

For more information on our network of partnerships, please visit:

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