Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Biofuel Manufacturing with Nitrogen Generators

As biofuel production becomes more and more widespread, the issue of safety, - especially in terms of the handling, transporting, and storage of methanol - becomes more of a concern for experts to consider.

When methanol is stored in tanks, it has a tendency to form vapors that are extremely flammable.  In an effort to prevent the formation of these vapors, Nitrogen gas is introduced as an inert gas to take up the extra space in the tank.

The process of using Nitrogen in atmosphere blanketing, or tank blanketing, for methanol gas increases the safety factor of storage and transport.  Nitrogen is a clean, dry, inert gas that is nonflammable and noncombustible.  Nitrogen is introduced to the tank to eliminate the presence of Oxygen, an essential factor for combustion. 

See more info on Biofuel Storage Tank Purging with Nitrogen Gas.

Research with Nitrogen blanketing and biofuel production has shown that, in addition to preventing hazardous fires, the presence of Nitrogen in methanol, biodiesel, and soybean oil storage tanks also reduces oxidation and other factors that affect the quality of the biofuel.  So the process of Nitrogen blanketing not only increases the safety factor of storing and transporting biofuel, it also provides a high quality product.

Further contributing to the safety factor is the use of a Nitrogen Generator for providing high purity Nitrogen gas on-demand for the tank blanketing process.  A Nitrogen Generator eliminates the need for dealing with high pressure N2 cylinders while safely and reliably providing the purity and flow necessary to maintain the proper inert atmosphere for blanketing applications.

Use of a Nitrogen Generator on-site is also a cost effective solution to tank blanketing for biofuel production:
  • eliminate contracts with gas suppliers, 
  • generate as much or as little N2 gas as necessary at any given time, 
  • maintain a constant, steady supply without worrying about running out, and 
  • eliminate the cost of gas lost to evaporation during transportation and storage. 
Don't let the cost of Nitrogen blanketing compromise your safety or the quality of your product.  Find the solution that won't break the bank.  Contact South-Tek Systems today to learn how we can provide you with a custom designed Nitrogen Generation with the purity and output ideal for your biofuel production needs.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How Nitrogen Generators Can Benefit the Aircraft Industry

Commercial and military aircraft can benefit from on-site nitrogen generators in significant ways including:

Inerting aircraft fuel tanks - Aircraft fuel tank vacant container space, or ullage, may contain a mixture of fuel vapor in air that presents a fire and explosion hazard. This hazard can be eliminated if the air is replaced by an inert gas to displace oxygen and prevent ignition. Using Nitrogen as the inert gas in aircraft fuel tanks has proven successful in eliminating this hazard. Producing N2 gas with a Nitrogen Generator provides several benefits over using liquid Nitrogen cylinders. It is convenient, cost effective, and considerably more safe than handling liquid N2 gas.

Nitrogen Filled Aircraft Tires - The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires nitrogen in all commercial aircraft tires. The U.S. Government including NASA and the Military also require nitrogen tire inflation for their aircraft. Nitrogen filled tires eliminate the potential for water vapor from compressed air to freeze at high altitudes. It also prevents deflation caused by Oxygen leaking through the tire walls. Nitrogen helps maintain tire pressure at varying altitudes. A Nitrogen Generator provides the necessary N2 gas on-site and on-demand in a safe, reliable, and cost effective alternative to liquid Nitrogen cylinders.

See more info on Aircraft Maintenance with Nitrogen Gas.

South-Tek Systems designs and manufactures Nitrogen Generators for a variety of applications, including aircraft fuel tank inerting and Nitrogen tire inflation. Eliminate gas company contracts and rely on your on-site Nitrogen Generator to provide the high purity, on-demand Nitrogen gas required for your particular application.

Contact South-Tek Systems today to inquire further about our Nitrogen Generators for aircraft fuel tank inerting and Nitrogen tire inflation.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

South-Tek Systems Ships First Nitrogen Generator to Ming-Mei

In July, 2009, South-Tek Systems announced a partnership with Ming-Mei to provide Nitrogen Generators for their state-of-the-art in vitro fertilization (IVF) equipment throughout Asia (read: South-Tek Partners with Ming-Mei).

We are now happy to announce that in September, 2009, South-Tek shipped its first nitrogen generator to Ming-Mei for use in IVF laboratory applications in Taiwan.

We are excited to realize the benefits of this partnership, especially in terms of the convenience, safety, and cost savings for the end user.

You can learn more about South-Tek Systems' Exclusive Partnerships for Nitrogen Generators.

For inquiries about our Nitrogen Generator products, including our N2 Series Generators for industrial and laboratory applications, please contact South-Tek Systems at 888-526-6284.


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