Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Use of Nitrogen Generators in the Chemical Processing Industry

Chemical processing plants take safety and safety hazards very seriously due to the volatile nature of chemical ingredients and products.

It is crucial to handle chemicals with the utmost care to ensure that they not be allowed to react to their environment in a way that might affect either the product or the environment.

Nitrogen gas is often used as a blanketing agent for chemical processing plants in the production, storage, and handling of chemicals.  Chemically inert Nitrogen gas can protect against the dangers of fire, moisture contamination, and product deterioration associated with the presence of Oxygen and naturally occurring atmospheric moisture.

Chemical processing plants use Nitrogen gas for tank blanketing in storage and transport of chemicals.  This process uses a steady stream of N2 gas to take up any extra space within a tank containing chemicals to reduce the presence of Oxygen, which may cause the contents to become highly flammable, and water vapor which may affect the nature and quality of the product (See more details about Nitrogen Use with Chemical Processing).

N2 gas may also be used for purging to remove moisture and inhibit Oxygen production. Purging is a continuous process that requires large amounts of Nitrogen in a uninterrupted flow.

The Chemical processing industry also uses Nitrogen for inerting, the process of applying Nitrogen to an atmosphere in order to displace the presence of Oxygen and prevent the danger of explosions. Since Oxygen is an essential component for ignition, Nitrogen is pumped in to inert the environment and increase the level of safety and quality.

Due to the constant stream of high purity Nitrogen gas necessary for these applications within the chemical processing industry, a Nitrogen Generator is a wise choice for creating on-site, on-demand N2 gas.  Not only is it a cost effective way to produce the necessary levels of Nitrogen, it is also a safer, more reliable way to generate N2 gas as compared to using high pressure liquid N2 cylinders from a contracted gas company.

South-Tek Systems designs and manufactures custom Nitrogen Generators for use in the chemical processing industry.  Contact South-Tek today to find out how a Nitrogen Generator can streamline your operations and create a more efficient production line: 888-526-6284.


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