Monday, December 28, 2009

N2 GEN Portable Nitrogen Generator from South-Tek Systems Completes Military EMIP Review

South-Tek Systems N2 GEN portable Nitrogen Generator series successfully completed a review by the military-based Expedited Modernization Initiative Procedure (EMIP).

Wilmington, N.C., December 28, 2009 -- South-Tek Systems, designer and manufacturer of Nitrogen Generators, has successfully completed a review of its N2 GEN series of portable Nitrogen Generation systems by the military based Expedited Modernization Initiative Procedure (EMIP).  Only a dozen technologies a year are chosen to go through the EMIP review process, which involves an extensive application and submission method for each technology.

The N2 GEN Series Nitrogen Generator gives U.S. warfighters the capability of producing inert Nitrogen gas, an element critical to maintenance in the field or at the maintenance facility.  The N2 GEN eliminates the safety and logistical issues involved with transporting high pressure gas cylinders.

According to the official EMIP website, "The Expedited Modernization Initiative Procedure (EMIP) is a multi-phased and continuous market research process" conducted by the U.S. Military with the goal of educating Government representatives about new technologies for vehicles and fleets.  "EMIP is primarily designed to suggest improvements to the current and future fleet of tactical wheeled vehicles and other systems. EMIP seeks to identify an industry's investments in proven, advanced, commercial technologies at the component, and subsystem levels, at a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 7, or better."

TRL 7 readiness level requires demonstration of an actual system prototype in an operational environment such as a vehicle, aircraft, or space. 

EMIP seeks technologies that will improve the capabilities of current and future military vehicles and places emphasis on technologies that address solutions in warfighting capabilities that include safety, survivability, reliability/maintainability/sustainability (RMS), distribution/mission enhancements (DME), and mobility.

For the past four years, the N2 GEN portable Nitrogen Generator from South-Tek Systems has been incorporated into Humvee mounted optical labs and mobile maintenance trailers.  It has been deployed in combat venues in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

In particular, the N2 GEN supports safety capabilities that are sought through the EMIP process, reducing non-combat casualties by eliminating the need for transporting high pressure cylinders of compressed Nitrogen gas to maintenance sites.  The RMS capabilities of the N2 GEN reduce operator maintenance tasks by reducing paperwork and eliminating the need to transport gas cylinders or arms to and from maintenance depots and sites.

"Providing Nitrogen in the field of active duty is a particularly complicated problem because compressed Nitrogen is not readily available," says Charles Metzler of South-Tek's Military/Industrial Division.  "We feel that completing this review process will help South-Tek Systems bring the N2 GEN to the attention of those who need it the most."

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