Tuesday, January 26, 2010

De-fog and Waterproof your Optics with Nitrogen

Nitrogen gas is often used with optical instruments such as night vision goggles, telescopes, microscopes, binoculars, and cameras for a number of reasons.
  1. Purging - Night vision goggles and other infrared and thermal imaging devices require purging with N2 gas in order to eliminate air from the goggles that could affect the clarity of vision that is so vital to these instruments.  
  2. Prevent Internal Fogging - Filling optical instruments with Nitrogen replaces naturally occurring Oxygen and prevents the presence of moisture that can fog the devices.
  3. Create a Waterproof Environment - Some optical instruments purged with Nitrogen are then sealed to prevent any loss of N2 gas caused by changes in pressure or temperature.  This sealing process makes Nitrogen-purged instruments waterproof.
  4. Prevent Fungus and Mold Development - Nitrogen is a dry gas able to absorb and eliminate moisture when used to displace Oxygen in an environment.  The presence of Nitrogen prevents the development of fungus and mold that can easily form in moist, enclosed atmospheres.
Routine Nitrogen Purging of Optical Instruments

Nitrogen is such an important element in the efficacy of optical instruments.  Some devices require routine Nitrogen purging to ensure optimal results - that the instruments remain fog-proof and waterproof.

See: Nitrogen Purging for Optics and Scopes

For instance, military personnel regularly purge night vision goggles to refill them with dry Nitrogen gas and eliminate them of contaminants and moisture.  For this purpose, a compact, portable Nitrogen Generator provides the best possible solution for purging.  Especially for soldiers in the field, a Nitrogen source that is lightweight, portable, reliable, safe, and efficient is the best possible choice.

South-Tek Systems manufactures portable Nitrogen Generators used exactly for this purpose.  In fact, the N2 GEN portable system has recently completed the military EMIP review and is proven to enhance safety, survivability, reliability/maintainability/sustainability (RMS), distribution/mission enhancements (DME), and mobility for warfighters.

For more information about the N2 GEN Portable Series, please contact South-Tek Systems today: 888-526-6284.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Nitrogen Use with Oil Platforms and Refineries

Nitrogen has long been used in the oil industry with oil platforms and refineries for a number of uses including:
  • drilling
  • workover
  • completion of oil gas wells
  • purging of lines, compressors, and seals
  • tank blanketing
The purpose of using Nitrogen for inerting, blanketing, and purging with oil platforms and refineries is to suppress flammability by reducing oxygen levels to a point below which combustion is possible.

Nitrogen is a clean, dry, inert gas and has long proven effective at displacing oxygen in tanks, hoses, and piping in order to minimize the presence of oxygen, preventing the potential for combustion.

Nitrogen Use in Drilling for Oil

Nitrogen gas is used in the drilling phase of the oil and gas industry mainly for purging and inerting systems to keep instruments dry, effective, and efficient.  Nitrogen provides a dry air source that can prolong the life expectancy of a drilling system and keep instruments working properly.

Nitrogen Use in Workover and Completion of Oil Gas Wells

Nitrogen is a low density, high pressure gas that can absorb and displace fluids in wells to keep an optimal flow.  This process during completion is known as Nitrogen Circulation.  N2 gas can also be used to  purge systems to reduce hydrogen sulfide concentration in residual oil and gas.  In addition, Nitrogen is used for blanketing storage tanks to maintain pressure.

Benefits of a Nitrogen Generator

Considering all the uses of Nitrogen gas during the drilling, workover, completion, operation, and maintenance of oil rigs and fields, it is important to consider the benefits of using a Nitrogen Generator to provide a steady supply of high purity N2 gas on-site and on-demand.

A Nitrogen Generator is:
  • Efficient - producing Nitrogen as needed
  • Convenient - it will never run out of Nitrogen gas and needs only minimal annual maintenance
  • Easy to Manage -a single compact system replaces dozens of stored high pressure cylinders
  • Cost Effective - yielding a high return on investment
Membrane Nitrogen Generators are often used in the oil industry and South-Tek Systems designs and manufactures Membrane Generators, as well as PSA Nitrogen Generators, specifically for these applications.

Contact South-Tek Systems today to learn more about how your Oil and Gas Operation can benefit from a Nitrogen Generator: 888-526-6284

Monday, January 11, 2010

Medical Industry Benefits From Use Of Nitrogen Generators

Nitrogen (N2) gas is used in the medical and pharmaceutical industries in order to reduce the presence of oxygen in situations where combustion is a major concern. Blanketing or inerting an environment using Nitrogen gas can stabilize materials that might otherwise prove harmful or even explosive when put in contact with Oxygen.  Nitrogen is a cool, dry, inert, gas that can displace Oxygen in a situation where Oxygen may provide the catalyst for combustion or where it may affect the quality of a product.

The use of Nitrogen Generators for medical equipment in the lab or hospital is a popular practice because of the increased safety, convenience, reliability, and ease of storage they offer compared to using high pressure cylinders.
  • Safety - Use of high pressure N2 gas cylinders in a medical, pharmaceutical, or lab application runs the risk of rapid leakage during the handling and switching of tanks which could lead to asphyxiation of those present during the leak.  Nitrogen Generators do NOT require switching out or handling with high pressure regulators.  They are easy to operate and are equipped with an automatic shutdown if any leakage is detected.
  • Ease of Use - Nitrogen Generators are compact, easy to switch on, and require no manual handling of high pressure cylinders
  • Reliability - Nitrogen Generators produce high purity N2 gas on-site and on-demand.  A simple PSA or Membrane technology creates Nitrogen gas from the existing air around you and requires only an annual filter change for maintenance.  Never switch out a high pressure N2 tank again!
  • Requiring Less Storage - A Nitrogen Generator will replace high pressure tanks, eliminating the need to store extra cylinders and rely on deliveries from the gas company.
  • Cost Effectiveness - An investment in a Nitrogen Generating System is well worth the cost and proves its worth in only a short time.  Go for a stronger Return On Investment (ROI) with a Nitrogen Generator and save on the need for recurring delivery, storage, administrative time, inventory, and downtime for changing out high pressure cylinders.
Contact South-Tek Systems today to learn how a Nitrogen Generator can benefit your particular medical or pharmaceutical application: 888-526-6284

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