Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nitrogen Use with Pneumatic Tools

Pneumatic Tools, also known as air tools, are tools powered by a compressor that forces air into a tank where it becomes pressurized.  The tool is then hooked up to a pneumatic air hose attached to the tank through an air valve.  Once the tool is connected to the hose and the valve is opened, the pressurized air is then forced into the tool.

Pneumatic tools are widely used for industrial purposes but have also crossed over into household use.

Traditionally, the air compressor powering the pneumatic tool is gas powered.  However, there is a growing movement to use Nitrogen gas to power these tools.  The benefits are that you can eliminate the exhaust smell and residue associated with the gas powered version and power the tool with compressed Nitrogen gas that will be used to drive the release valve or firing pin.

Using a Nitrogen Generator, the N2 gas for the tool can be recycled and used over and over.  This is a safe, clean, efficient alternative to the gas powered compressor.  It is also cost-efficient, requiring a one-time purchase with no cylinders to refill.  A Nitrogen Generator produces high purity N2 gas on-demand and on-site.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Plastics Extrusion with Nitrogen Treatment

Plastics Extrusion is the process of melting raw plastic material to create a long, continuous shape which may be used for piping, tubing, weather stripping, and more.  Plastics Extrusion can also be used in the recycling process where the plastic material to be recycled is melted into long strips, cooled, and then shaped for new materials or cut into resins and packaged.

The cooling stage of Plastic Extrusion can be made more streamlined and efficient using Nitrogen gas as a cooling agent.  Nitrogen - a clean, dry, inert gas - has the ability to cool very quickly and set the desired shape for the plastic being treated.  It is a safe and effective method to apply to the Plastics Extrusion process.

See more info on Plastic Extrusion Nitrogen Gas Purge.

When using Nitrogen gas during Plastic Extrusion, consider investing in a Nitrogen Generator to ensure a continuous supply of Nitrogen on-demand and on-site as needed.  A Nitrogen Generator produces high purity N2 gas in a more safe and convenient package compared with high pressure N2 gas cylinders.

You'll never run out of Nitrogen again with a Nitrogen Generator plus it yields a high Return on Investment (ROI) especially compared to cylinders supplied through a gas company contract.

Contact South-Tek Systems today to learn more about how our customized Nitrogen Generators can benefit your Plastic Extrusion operations today: 888-526-6284

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Nitrogen for Power Plants

Threat of Corrosion to Power Plant Equipment

Corrosion, as we all know, shortens the life of power plant process equipment. The internal protection from corrosion of boiler tubes, condensers, and wetted parts within small industrial boilers, HRSG combined cycle power plants, and large gas, oil, and coal fired power plants is extremely important during short term layups, right on to the long term plant outages. Without a form of protection, during the shutdown, corrosion can occur on these wetted parts at an alarming rate.

Chemical Solution - Harmful to the Environment

One solution, if the water is able to be circulated within these power plant parts during shut down, is to inject chemical inhibitors into the water stream. But introducing such chemicals into the system has become less desirable as the disposal of such presents environmental issues. If the water is drained from the wetted parts, residual water remains within, and along with oxygen (air) introduced during the draining process, corrosion begins.

Nitrogen Solution - The Environmentally Friendly Answer

Nitrogen has been used for years to protect against corrosion in power plant equipment and similar applications. Nitrogen, which makes up 79% of the air we breathe, is the perfect “green” solution for corrosion protection in power plant equipment. Nitrogen is inert and, by displacing the oxygen within the wetted parts with a low pressure slow flow Nitrogen purge, you ultimately inhibit the oxidation/corrosion process.

In the past, power plants have purchased either banks of high pressure cylinders or liquid bulk Nitrogen to provide this form of corrosion protection. Today, with the installation of a Nitrogen Generator at your facility, you can generate your own nitrogen at a fraction of the cost versus purchasing Nitrogen cylinders or bulk liquid Nitrogen. Plus you can generate the Nitrogen on demand, and never run out.

How Does a Nitrogen Generator Benefit the Power Plant?

The Nitrogen Generator simply separates mechanically, the Nitrogen molecules from the other molecules found within the air and stores the Nitrogen until needed for your process use. South-Tek Systems offers a complete line of reliable, cost effective Nitrogen Generators sized for your application. By using our Flow Rate Verification System and knowing the flow rates of Nitrogen required, a Nitrogen Generator can be sized and installed at your facility accordingly, allowing you to realize the significant cost savings yielded by this technology.

 PSA N2 Series Nitrogen Generators

South-Tek Systems' Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Technology in our N2-Series Nitrogen Generators produces high purity N2 gas in a safe, reliable, convenient, and cost effective process.  These systems provide great benefits to the power industry and are easy to integrate and maintain.

Contact South-Tek Systems today to learn more about N2 Generators and the power industry: 888-526-6284.


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