Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nitrogen for HRSG Layup

An HRSG (heat recovery steam generator) used in a combined cycle power station or cogeneration power plant is an essential element for energy production in these plants. It is imperative to maintain the HRSG component during layups while at the same time limiting its exposure to oxygen and keeping it free from corrosion that can be detrimental to the overall performance of the HRSG and the power plant. In fact, proper maintenance of the HRSG can be the best determining factor of the longevity and reliability of the plant.

How To Maintain the HRSG

When a power plant undergoes regularly scheduled layups for maintenance and upgrades, the HRSG must be properly maintained.  One of the biggest dangers during this time is exposure to oxygen which, when mixed with moisture and steel, can quickly cause corrosion, or oxidation.  Preventing this exposure to oxygen is imperative to maintaining the integrity of the unit and extending the life of the power plant.

Chemical inhibitors have traditionally been used to prevent block the introduction of oxygen.  However, these materials can be dangerous to handle and harmful for the environment.

Nitrogen Use During HRSG Layup

An alternative to using chemical inhibitors is to use clean, dry, inert Nitrogen gas pumped through the tubes and wetted parts.  This process of inerting the HRSG using Nitrogen gas is a reliable and environmentally friendly solution to preventing oxidation and corrosion.

A Nitrogen Generator is a safe and cost effective alternative to using high pressure N2 gas cylinders to deliver Nitrogen to the system.  Nitrogen Generators are installed one time, are easy to maintain and operate, and are extremely effective at preventing corrosion.

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