Thursday, March 11, 2010

Power Plant Corrosion Control

Corrosion of wetted parts in power plant facilities - such as in boiler tube inner walls and condensers - presents a very real threat to the performance of the entire power plant.  Corrosion, or oxidation, can compromise the integrity of the boiler tubes and condensers resulting in leaks, cracks, and, ultimately, failure.  It is crucial to implement power plant corrosion control to protect the wetted parts, reduce costly and time consuming maintenance, and optimize the performance of the facility.

How Does Power Plant Corrosion Occur?

Corrosion in power plants occurs when three things come into contact:
  1. steel
  2. oxygen
  3. water
The most common area for corrosion to develop is within the wetted parts where all three of these elements come into contact.  Steel tubing that is exposed to moisture from water and oxygen from the air will develop oxidation or galvanic corrosion.

When a power plant boiler goes through a drain-down for repairs or maintenance, it is inevitable that both residual moisture will remain and the tubing will be exposed to oxygen from the air.  The result is the ideal formula for the development of corrosion.

Power Plant Corrosion Control

One solution to prevent the development of corrosion is to use inert nitrogen gas to displace oxygen.  Nitrogen gas pumped through the system works to eliminate oxygen AND absorb moisture to prevent the development of corrosion.  Nitrogen is an inert, clean, dry gas that has become a more popular alternative to chemical inhibitors because it is an environmentally friendly option.

There are two ways to obtain a Nitrogen gas supply: high pressure gas cylinders and Nitrogen Generators.  Nitrogen Generators are the optimal choice because they produce a steady stream of nitrogen gas, on-site and on-demand.  Once you install a Nitrogen Generator in your facility, there will be no change-outs, no gas company contracts, and only minimal maintenance.  They are a safe, reliable, and cost effective option for power plant corrosion control.

Contact South-Tek Systems for Your Nitrogen Generator

South-Tek Systems engineers and manufactures Nitrogen Generators for use with various applications across a variety of industries, including Power Plants.  They have direct experience in this field (see: South-Tek to Supply Nitrogen Generators at Combined Cycle Power Plant) and can assist with designing and providing the ideal generator for your plant - from a small industrial boiler, to an HRSG combined cycle power plant, to a large gas, oil, or coal fired power plant.

Contact South-Tek Systems today to talk with a knowledgeable representative about Nitrogen Generator use with power plants: 888-526-6284.


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