Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Protect Power Plant Boiler With Nitrogen

A boiler is a main and crucial component of a power generating station such as a combined cycle power plant.  The boiler contains wetted parts that are at threat of corrosion during layups and outages when they may be exposed to oxygen. Corrosion due to the presence of both moisture and oxygen on uncoated, scratched or worn steel parts develops and spreads very quickly, threatening the integrity of the boiler system and resulting in time consuming and costly repairs.

Maintain and Protect Boiler with Nitrogen

The power plant boiler needs to be maintained and protected to prevent oxidation or corrosion.  Proper maintenance and protection may extend the service life of the boiler significantly.  While products exist to apply protective coatings to the steel and chemical inhibitors exist to prevent corrosion, these are neither fully reliable nor environmentally friendly options.  They may also be expensive, requiring regular coatings and applications.

Using Nitrogen gas to inert the wetted parts of the power plant boiler is both a reliable and environmentally friendly solution to fight and prevent corrosion.  Nitrogen is a clean, dry, inert gas that, when pumped through the system, works to absorb excess moisture and displace oxygen, thereby eliminating the factors necessary for corrosion to develop.

A Nitrogen Generator is Safe, Reliable & Cost Effective

Applying N2 gas to the wetted parts of your power plant boiler using a Nitrogen Generator is also safe and cost effective, requiring a one-time installment and minimal annual maintenance.  It is easy to operate and the professionals at South-Tek Systems can ensure that you are fitted with the most appropriate sized Generator for your needs through the Flow Verification Program.

South-Tek Systems engineers and manufactures Nitrogen Generators for a variety of applications across diverse industries, including the energy and power plant industry (See: South-Tek Systems Supplies Nitrogen Generators for Power Plant). 

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Contact South-Tek Systems

Contact South-Tek Systems today to find out how a Nitrogen Generator can extend the service life of your power plant boiler, help control expenses, and eliminate hassle associated with corrosion control: 888-526-6284.


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