Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Save Money, Preserve Quality Using Nitrogen for Food Packaging

Companies that specialize in food packaging require a solution for keeping the food fresh, preserving the taste and texture, and ensuring safe delivery throughout its journey from the warehouse to the shelf to the consumer.

Preserving Quality

An ideal solution to solve each of these issues is Nitrogen gas.  Using Nitrogen to blanket food packaging helps to eliminate the presence of oxygen.  Oxygen reacts with the food causing oxidation and affecting the quality, taste, texture, and safety of the product.  Food packaging companies use Nitrogen for modified atmosphere blanketing (MAP) or controlled atmosphere (CA) to eliminate oxygen that might cause bacteria or virus growth and keep food safe and preserved for consumption later in its shelf life.

Learn more about Food Packaging Using Nitrogen Gas.

Saving Money

Because large quantities of Nitrogen are required for atmosphere blanketing with food packaging, the most ideal method for administering the gas is with a Nitrogen Generator.  Nitrogen Generators help companies save money and work efficiently because they produce Nitrogen literally from thin air and will not run out of the gas supply.  Avoid costly run-outs, switching tanks, N2 gas company contracts, high pressure cylinder delivery, handling and storage all with a Nitrogen Generator.  Depending on the size and model Nitrogen Generator a company needs, they may see a return on investment (ROI) in 18-24 months, plus they eliminate the hassle of dealing with the gas company, storing extra cylinders, and potentially running out of gas at a critical point.

Contact South-Tek Systems for Your Nitrogen Generator

South-Tek Systems is a designer and manufacturer of Nitrogen Generators for a wide range of industries, including the food packaging industry.  Using the Flow Verification Program, they are able to suit you up with the best sized N2 Generator for your specific needs.

Contact South-Tek Systems today to learn more about how a Nitrogen Generator can save money, improve efficiency, and preserve quality: 888-526-6284.


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