Monday, May 24, 2010

South-Tek Systems Contracts With the U.S. Military

South-Tek Systems, a company dedicated to designing and manufacturing Nitrogen Generators, has been awarded defense contracts with the U.S. military to supply their Nitrogen Generator products to different sectors of the military, including the Marine Corps.

South-Tek Systems is featured in a Wilmington, N.C. Star-News report about local southeastern North Carolina businesses who are benefiting from defense contracts with the U.S. military.  The article states that approximately 325 Wilmington area businesses hold defense contracts to do business with the military and "that the word only recently has gotten out about the enormous opportunities to make money from the U.S. government."

Charles Metzler, industrial and military sales manager for South-Tek Systems, was quoted in the article regarding his experience in getting qualified to sell to the U.S. government and then actually securing defense contracts.  South-Tek makes a big and deliberate push to promote their Nitrogen Generators to the military bases and has had success in getting their products into the hands of the Marine Corps.

Nitrogen Generators produce Nitrogen gas on-site and on-demand using a simple technology that separates and captures the N2 gas present in the air around us.  They are meant to replace delivery of hundreds of high pressure cylinders of the gas and are more efficient, reliable, and cost effective.  Nitrogen is "the most widely used gas on the market," says Metzler, and Nitrogen Generators make it easier to produce high purity N2 gas as-needed.

South-Tek Systems manufactures a range of Nitrogen Generators from the compact, portable N2 GEN Series, to the skid mounted S Series, to the high pressure HP Series.  Their generators can accommodate a wide variety of applications and can be used for the military both in the field and on the base.

To read the Star-News article in full, please visit: Roughly 325 area businesses benefit from defense contracts

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