Friday, July 30, 2010

Nitrogen for Power Plant Gas Turbine Purging

Power plant gas turbine natural gas fuel lines need to be purged during commissioning or during periodic start-up. Typically, the purge pressure required is approximately 600 PSI to provide sufficient purging during this process.

Nitrogen, being inert and extremely dry, has proven to be a safe, reliable, economical, “green” solution to providing such high pressure purge to meet the gas turbine manufacturers’ or plant operations recommended start-up procedures.

Using Nitrogen For Natural Gas Line Purging

Nitrogen has been used for years to purge high pressure lines power plant gas turbines and similar applications. Nitrogen, which makes up 79% of the air we breathe, is the perfect “green” solution for purging gas turbines. Nitrogen is inert and when you generate your own Nitrogen at your facility you can also boost the Nitrogen for storage in high pressure cylinders for later use.
How a Nitrogen Generator Benefits the Power Plant

In the past, power plants have purchased either banks of high pressure cylinders or liquid bulk Nitrogen to provide this form of purging protection. Today, with the installation of a Nitrogen Generator at your facility, you can generate your own nitrogen at a fraction of the cost versus purchasing Nitrogen cylinders or bulk liquid Nitrogen. Plus you can generate the Nitrogen on demand, and never run out. The Nitrogen Generator simply separates mechanically, the Nitrogen molecules from the other molecules found within the air and stores the Nitrogen until needed for your process use.

South-Tek Systems offers a complete line of reliable, cost effective Nitrogen Generators sized for your application. Using our Flow Verification Program, we are able to ascertain the specific flow rates of Nitrogen required for your facility and a Nitrogen Generator can be sized and installed at your facility accordingly, allowing you to realize the significant cost savings yielded by this technology.

Contact South-Tek Systems

Please contact our experienced and knowledgeable sales team at South-Tek Systems to get more specific information about our N2 GEN® GT - Gas Turbine Nitrogen Purging System which includes a:
  • Nitrogen Generator,
  • N2 Storage Tank,
  • Nitrogen Booster, and
  • High Pressure Cylinders
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