Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Nitrogen Gas Uses for Clean Rooms

A cleanroom may be used in manufacturing, in the pharmaceutical industry, or in a scientific research lab.  It provides a controlled atmosphere to reduce contaminants such as airborne particles and dust.  The essence of a cleanroom is to reduce environmental contaminants by controlling air flow rates and direction, pressurization, temperature, and humidity.  This provides the cleanest possible environment for manufacturing, packaging, testing, or research.

Clean rooms may utilize inert gas systems to maintain a specific air pressure and to control humidity levels.  Nitrogen is often used as the inert gas in this scenario. 

The dry, inert properties of Nitrogen gas make it an ideal substance for other cleanroom uses.  These may include:
  • Drying parts being used in the clean room
  • Blowing off an assembled system or piece of equipment before it leaves the clean room
  • Purging a product, system, or piece of equipment for packaging
Nitrogen Generators for Cleanrooms

Nitrogen Generators are an alternative to bulk liquid N2 or high pressure gas cylinders.  A Nitrogen Generator produces high purity N2 gas on-site and on-demand and may be customized according to the flow rate capacity of the cleanroom.  It is a safe, reliable, and cost efficient source of Nitrogen gas, ideal for cleanrooms because of their need for a continuous controlled environment.

Contact South-Tek Systems

South-Tek Systems designs and manufactures Nitrogen Generators for use with cleanrooms.  Using their unique Flow Verification Program, South-Tek has the ability to accurately measure your cleanroom flow rate requirements and design the optimum Nitrogen System for your operation.  Contact South-Tek Systems today for more information: 888-526-6284.


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