Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nitrogen for the Beverage Industry

Nitrogen is a useful and important gas for the beverage industry - from breweries to winemakers to restaurants and bars.  N2 gas can be applied in a number of ways to help preserve the product, streamline the production process, eliminate the threat of oxidation which could alter the taste and freshness of the beverage, or simply help deliver the best possible drink to a consumer.

How is Nitrogen Used in the Beverage Industry?

Nitrogen gas is a safe, clean, dry, inert gas that is typically used for purging but can also be used for preservation or can be blended with CO2 for the optimal level of carbonation.

We've discussed the value of Nitrogen in the Winemaking process in previous posts:
Whether it's sparging, blanketing, or flushing, Nitrogen can be used in wine transfer, bottling, and topping.  It's also used with the end product in terms of preserving an open bottle of wine and preventing oxidation.  South-Tek Systems manufactures the WineLast™ Wine Bottle Nitrogen Purging System ideal for restaurants and bars serving wine by the glass who need to maintain freshness in the open bottles.

Breweries use Nitrogen to control oxidation and maintain freshness throughout the brewing process and in the bottling and canning stages.

Restaurants, pubs, and bars use Nitrogen mixed with CO2 to produce the optimal beer gas blend for draft beer recommended by brewers.  This mixed beer gas pushes the beverage from the keg to the taps to produce a ideally carbonated draft pour.  This process eliminates over-foaming, allowing estbalishment owners to reap more profits from their draft beer service in addition to serving high quality beverages from the first glass from the keg to the last.

South-Tek Systems engineers and manufactures the BeerBlast™ Mixed Beer Gas Dispense System for restaurants, bars, and event centers to produce this ideal beer gas blend and optimize their draft beer service.

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