Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Supporting Our Troops - N2 Generators Used With Military in Iraq

South-Tek Systems, a leading engineer and manufacturer of Nitrogen Generators, is proud to help serve our U.S. Military troops overseas with efficient, time-saving, and cost saving Nitrogen Generators.

As of this month, we have fulfilled a contract to supply one of our Nitrogen Generator systems to a U.S. Military air base in Iraq and are actively working to fulfill pending contracts.  N2 gs is used in a variety of Military applications (see: Nitrogen Uses in the U.S. Military).  Through our GSA Contract and completed EMIP Review, South-Tek Systems is fast becoming a go-to resource for on-site generation of high purity Nitrogen gas.

The benefits of a Nitrogen Generator for Military purposes include efficiency, safety, reliability, performance, and ease-of-use.  Our Membrane Technology used in designing compact N2 Generators allows for generating high purity Nitrogen gas in the field as needed.  We also design PSA Technology for tank mounted or skid mounted generators for more stationary use on base.

South-Tek Systems is a GSA Contract Holder with extensive experience serving the N2 gas generating needs of the U.S. Military forces.  Please contact South-Tek Systems to inquire further about our products designed for military use: 888-526-6284.


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