Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nitrogen Use in Nanolabs

Nanolabs are labs specifically designed for engineers and researchers to create silicon chips or integrated circuits (IC's) which are used in computers, electronics, monitors, cell phones, and other hand held mobile devices.  Nanolabs also provide an ideal environment for designing MEMS (MicroElectroMechanical Systems), a micro technology used in the medical field, energy and environmental technology, diagnostic devices, image scanning and processing, and more.  MEMS add a mechanical function to the integrated circuits such as imaging and telescopic capabilities.

Nitrogen in the Nanolab

Nanolabs require a very precise, specific, controlled atmosphere for producing IC's and MEMS. Due to the microscopic size of the technology being used and created, any foreign or unwanted contaminates, including organic contaminates, can severely lessen the success and quality of the product.  In addition, the presence of oxygen can reduce the efficacy of bonding, coating, etching, or cleaning.

Nitrogen gas is used in Nanolabs to help eliminate contaminates and reduce or eliminate oxygen in the cleanroom equipment used in manufacturing the IC's and MEMS. Nitrogen is a clean, dry, inert gas that is found naturally in the air we breathe.  A Nitrogen Generator can separate N2 particles from the air and store them in an attached storage tank for use as needed.  This high purity Nitrogen can then be used for purging in order to displace the presence of oxygen.

Benefits of a Nitrogen Generator in Nanolabs

Nanotechnology is prevalent in modern day technology and as our demand for mobile devices continues to grow, so does the field of nanotechnology and the need for Nanolabs.  Nitrogen has been proven as a effective, safe, and reliable solution for purging and sanitizing.  A Nitrogen Generator makes access to high purity N2 gas easier and less expensive compared to delivery of high pressure cylinders.

South-Tek Systems is a leading engineer and manufacturer of Nitrogen Generators.  They design models in varying size, pressure, and capacity using either PSA or Membrane Technology.  Contact the experts at South-Tek Systems to see which of their products is ideal for use in your Nanolab: 888-526-6284.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lead Free Zone Ovens - Reflow Soldering

In previous posts, we discussed the importance of a controlled environment in electronics manufacturing.  To this effect, reflow ovens used with Nitrogen gas application provide a time, temperature, and atmosphere controlled environment for effective soldering of surface mount components.

(See: Nitrogen for Electronics - Reflow Oven and Nitrogen for Electronics Manufacturing.)

The Benefits of Lead-Free Soldering

Lead-free soldering has become more popular and widespread within the electronics industry.  In fact, the EU has been enforcing an RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) directive for electrical and electronic equipment since 2003 including the use of lead-free solder.  The benefits of lead-free solder for electronics manufacturing include health benefits for electronics workers, safer waste-handling, and better recyclability of electronics products.

Why Use a Lead-Free Zone Oven?

A conventional reflow oven for soldering surface mount components may not be ideal for lead-free soldering.  In particular, a conventional reflow oven can have a wide process window to be effective while reflow ovens for lead-free soldering require a more narrow process window to accommodate a higher melting point of the lead-free alloy with a tighter range between the melting point and the upper temperature limit.

Lead-Free Zone Ovens provide zones for different profile requirements of the solder paste and board.  There are ovens with anywhere from 5 to 10 zones to accommodate the thermal demands of the boards.

Why Use Nitrogen With a Lead-Free Zone Oven?

Nitrogen gas can be used with Lead-Free Zone Ovens to create an inert, dry, controlled atmosphere free from oxygen and the threat of oxidation that may weaken solder bonds.  The most effective method for Nitrogen application is with a Nitrogen Generator.  This N2 generating system uses a simple PSA Technology or Membrane Technology to separate N2 particles from the air.  The high purity Nitrogen gas is then collected and stored in a tank and used on-site and on-demand for reflow oven use.

South-Tek Systems is a leading engineer and manufacturer of Nitrogen Gas Generators.  Contact the experts at South-Tek for more information about how a Nitrogen Generator can benefit your Lead-Free Zone Oven process: 888-526-6284.


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