Thursday, May 26, 2011

The N2 GEN Solution for Military Applications

The N2 GEN Nitrogen Gas Generating System, designed and manufactured by South-Tek Systems, is a leading compact Nitrogen Generator used by the US Military for a variety of purposes including ground systems, optics, and mobile units.

The N2 GEN gear provides the ability to continuously produce high purity Nitrogen from air, using a portable system, eliminating the need to bring in or supply high pressure Nitrogen storage tanks.  There are numerous benefits of this system for military applications.
  • The STS N2 GEN drastically shortens the logistics tail for supplying necessary Nitrogen, and saves money in the process.
  • Sites achieve ROI of less than 1 year vs. high pressure cylinder supply.
  • No soldier ever has to wait for the supply chain to catch up; N2 GEN eliminates dependence on a local supplier for their Nitrogen needs.
  • The supply is produced from thin air, so it is unlimited and can be produced wherever and whenever it is needed.
  • We can provide Nitrogen Generation systems in a variety of configurations and set ups depending on the application and location.
South-Tek Systems is a certified GSA supplier with their Nitrogen Generator systems available from GSA Advantage and the DOD EMall.  The N2 GEN unit completed an EMIP review in 2009 and was shown to improve capabilities in safety as well as reliability, maintainability, and sustainability (RMS).

Contact South-Tek Systems to learn how the compact, portable N2 GEN can help your particular need for supplying Nitrogen Gas: 888-526-6284.

    Wednesday, May 25, 2011

    South-Tek Systems Renews GSA Contract Through 2016

    The GSA contract for South-Tek Systems was approved for renewal through 2016. South-Tek continues to be an authorized government supplier of nitrogen generators whose products are used in military operations in the U.S. and abroad.  South-Tek Systems' nitrogen generators help fulfill the GSA mission of excellence in the business of government through stewardship, superior workplace, best value, and innovation.

    Wilmington, N.C., May 11, 2011 -- South-Tek Systems, a leading engineer and manufacturer of nitrogen generator systems, is proud to announce that their GSA contract has been renewed through 2016.  They continue to be an authorized government supplier of nitrogen generators, making their products available to military and government agencies in need of safe, efficient, low cost, high purity N2 gas on-site and on-demand.

    The GSA is the U.S. Government Services Agency whose mission is to provide authorized government agencies with solutions to help improve efficiency, sustainability, and transparency in operations.  They offer a range of products, services and real estate resources as well as policies and regulations to streamline management strategies.  The GSA contracts with businesses who provide the products and services GSA customers need and delivering trust that those businesses have been through a rigorous approval process.

    South-Tek Systems has been a GSA contract holder since 2005 and is proud to have had their contract renewed for another 5 years.  Through the GSA, South-Tek Systems has been able to outfit military operations in the states and overseas with nitrogen generating systems specific to the applications required of each operation.  From high pressure systems, to large portable systems, to compact and portable nitrogen generators, South-Tek Systems helps assess the N2 output required for an application and designs the optimum system to meet those requirements.

    In addition to the GSA contract, South-Tek Systems is also a certified supplier of nitrogen generators at DOD EMALL, an e-commerce component of the Department of Defense exclusively for military and government personnel.  Their N2GEN Series compact nitrogen generator was chosen to go through the military Expedited Modernization Initiative Procedure (EMIP) review process and completed its review in 2010.  The N2GEN was reviewed for its improvements in safety and logistics for warfighters who require inert Nitrogen gas for field or facility maintenance.

    As a further testament to South-Tek System's prominence in the field of nitrogen generating systems, they have been cited in the U.S. Department of Energy Report entitled “Hardening and Resiliency: U.S. Energy Industry Response to Recent Hurricane Seasons” which can be found here:

    For more information about South-Tek Systems and the various applications that benefit from their nitrogen generators, visit and


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    South-Tek Systems
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