Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sustainment in the Field with a Nitrogen Generator

Nitrogen Generators from leading manufacturer South-Tek Systems are available in the compact, portable N2-GEN 4 model ideal for field work.  The advantages of using the N2-GEN 4 model include increased safety as well as sustainment.

In military applications, the benefit of sustainment is quite pronounced.  We can walk you through some of the issues often faced by ground troops or mobile labs requiring N2 gas for specific, crucial applications:
  • Under current procedures and practices of using a high pressure cylinder, the Soldier in the field or in the shop relies on an outside source for an N2 gas supply.
  • Overseas especially, this creates logistical, safety, and performance issues with the quality and purity of nitrogen as well as correct connection threading.
  • In both of these situations, the Soldier is working with a finite amount of nitrogen. This leads to lost man hours due to supply line interruptions due to changing the N2 source and potential unavailability of nitrogen due to running out unexpectedly.
  • Supply line interruption or unavailability seems to be the most prevalent during times that the Soldier is in need of nitrogen the most or has a large work load needing fast turn around times.
The N2 GEN 4, exclusively from South-Tek Systems, eliminates all of these issues:
  • This model generates high purity Nitrogen from the air using a simple mechanical process, on-site and on-demand.  
  • Nitrogen is produced at a rate of 21 CFH, the equivalent to having a fresh bottle delivered to the site every 11.6 hours. 
  • The Soldier and shop become a self support solution for N2 gas, eliminating the need for outside supply or changeout of high pressure cylinders. 
  • This is all done with a simple, flexible system, with specific sub assemblies for easy field repairs if needed.
Military applications with ground troops or mobile labs is just one example where sustainment plays a crucial role in the safe, efficient, and successful access to high purity N2 gas on an as-needed and on-demand basis.

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South-Tek Systems has extensive knowledge and experience with supplying nitrogen generator units to U.S. military bases throughout the world.  Contact the experts at South-Tek Systems to learn how the N2-GEN 4 unit can benefit your application: 888-526-6284.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nitrogen Generator Safety

Nitrogen generators are a practical, efficient, and cost effective alternative to high pressure gas cylinders.  In addition, they increase the safety of a plant or laboratory operation by eliminating the need for handling high pressure tanks.

Nitrogen Generator Safety

The current practice of using high pressure bottles is strictly due to volume. Sites that use nitrogen for purging must try and store or keep a finite amount of nitrogen to use during calibration and maintenance. This is done by increasing the pressure of the nitrogen and storing it.

Typical "K" cylinders can provide 245 CF of nitrogen for use in process. It is evident due to safety concerns and regulations of this method - such as chaining tanks to walls and restrictions for transportation in aircraft - that this method is inherently dangerous.

A nitrogen generator can create an unlimited supply of N2 gas on-site and on-demand using a simple mechanical technology that captures N2 molecules from the air we breathe.  The high purity N2 gas is stored in an attached storage tank.  There is no need for handling the transfer from one outside supply to another.

The size of the generator and the storage tank depends on the particular application being used.  Different model generators supply varying levels of flow rates and psi output, depending on the needs.  Once the generator system is fitted for the application, adjustments and calibrations won't be necessary.

Safety is one of the main benefits of using a nitrogen generator on-site.  Other benefits include sustainability, automation, reliability, and strong return on investment or ROI (See: Making Nitrogen from Thin Air).

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South-Tek Systems is a leading engineer and manufacturer of nitrogen generator systems worldwide.  Contact South-Tek Systems today to learn how a nitrogen generator can increase the safety of your operation: 888-526-6284


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