Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nitrogen Generator Safety

Nitrogen generators are a practical, efficient, and cost effective alternative to high pressure gas cylinders.  In addition, they increase the safety of a plant or laboratory operation by eliminating the need for handling high pressure tanks.

Nitrogen Generator Safety

The current practice of using high pressure bottles is strictly due to volume. Sites that use nitrogen for purging must try and store or keep a finite amount of nitrogen to use during calibration and maintenance. This is done by increasing the pressure of the nitrogen and storing it.

Typical "K" cylinders can provide 245 CF of nitrogen for use in process. It is evident due to safety concerns and regulations of this method - such as chaining tanks to walls and restrictions for transportation in aircraft - that this method is inherently dangerous.

A nitrogen generator can create an unlimited supply of N2 gas on-site and on-demand using a simple mechanical technology that captures N2 molecules from the air we breathe.  The high purity N2 gas is stored in an attached storage tank.  There is no need for handling the transfer from one outside supply to another.

The size of the generator and the storage tank depends on the particular application being used.  Different model generators supply varying levels of flow rates and psi output, depending on the needs.  Once the generator system is fitted for the application, adjustments and calibrations won't be necessary.

Safety is one of the main benefits of using a nitrogen generator on-site.  Other benefits include sustainability, automation, reliability, and strong return on investment or ROI (See: Making Nitrogen from Thin Air).

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