Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Key Attributes of the N2-GEN Nitrogen Generator

The N2-GEN is our compact, portable Nitrogen Generator system used widely in military operations requiring high purity N2 gas in the field or with mobile setups.  We've covered the solutions that the N2-GEN provides for challenges with current procedures.  Here we'll lay out the key attributes of the system that make it such an efficient and effective solution.

Low Maintenance, High Performance Features

From it's functionality to its maintenance and routine operation, the N2-GEN has proven itself a valuable, low cost, safe, and high performing system for military ground systems.  These are the key attributes that contribute to its performance, ease-of-use, and quality of output:
  • Condition Based Maintenance (CBM+) - N2 GEN 4 has scheduled maintenance for planning purposes but sensors provide condition based indicators.
  • Significantly Lower Life Cycle Cost - Can replace all current nitrogen charging purge kits.
  • No Special Tools - All maintenance can be performed with screw driver and adjustable wrench, no calibration required.
  • Imbedded Diagnostics - Used in conjunction with the manual, operators can isolate any fault within the systems.
  • Operationally Flexible - Variety of storage tanks available to support standard as well as niche operational configurations .
  • Dual Power (AC/DC) - Units available to operate on both 24V and 110V and not overly sensitive to power quality .
  • Increased Safety - Eliminates the need for high pressure bottles and eliminates the need for replacement bottle (See Also: Nitrogen Generator Safety).
  • Factory to Foxhole - N2GEN4 mounts in shops (Sustainment/Field Level) as well as contact trucks and recovery vehicles (wheel/track).
Nitrogen uses in the military are far-reaching and the N2-GEN provides a cost effective and viable solution to accessing high purity N2 gas.  The compact and portable system is currently being used throughout U.S. military bases as well as at Camp Freedom in Iraq.

Contact South-Tek Systems to learn more about the N2-GEN portable nitrogen generating system for use with military applications: 888-526-6284.
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