Thursday, August 4, 2011

Benefits of a Nitrogen Generator

N2 gas is used for all sorts of industrial, manufacturing, processing, production, and operating applications across a wide field of industries.  Nitrogen is used for the purposes of purging, inerting, corrosion prevention, cleaning and sterilizing, humidity control and more.  N2 gas is a clean, dry, inert gas that makes up ~79% of the air we breathe.  Applying Nitrogen gas to a processing or production application accomplishes any number of benefits depending on what is needed.

Nitrogen Gas Supply Source

However, many companies are stuck with an old way of supplying N2 gas for their purposes - relying on a gas company to deliver high pressure cylinders that need to be stored, changed out when empty, picked up and delivered again.  A more safe, efficient, and cost effective method of supplying Nitrogen gas is to invest in a Nitrogen Generator installed on-site (there are also compact, portable Nitrogen Generators available for more mobile applications, see N2-GEN).

A Nitrogen Generator separates the N2 molecules from the air through a simple PSA or Membrane Technology.  That N2 gas is stored in an attached tank and is ready for use on-site and on-demand.

Benefits of using a Nitrogen Generator 

There are many reasons why a Nitrogen Generator is a smart idea for business.  Here are some of the major benefits of using a Nitrogen Generator:
  • Cost - A Nitrogen Generator is an investment that, once paid off, can potentially save thousands each month based on what a company currently pays in monthly gas charges, tank leasing, and contracts with a gas supplier.
  • Reliability - Eliminate the risk of running out of gas an an inopportune time.  A Nitrogen Generator is always equipped to create high purity N2 gas simply from the air surrounding it.
  • Safety -A Nitrogen Generator is a safe alternative to handling high pressure cylinders.  It uses simple mechanics, is easy to use, requires low maintenance, and is safe to operate.
  • Flexibility -A company's output requirements may dictate the size and style Nitrogen Generator needed but the equipment is flexible and efficient, producing N2 gas as needed.
  • Return on Investment - How much, and within what time period, a Nitrogen Generator will positively impact your bottom line will likely be the key to making your decision. 
South-Tek Systems is a leading engineer and manufacturer of Nitrogen Generators, supplying systems to industries and companies worldwide.  Contact the experts at South-Tek to learn more about how a Nitrogen Generator can improve your business operations and your bottom line: 888-526-6284.


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