Monday, September 26, 2011

Nitrogen Generator - Convenient and Cost Saving

Many industries utilize Nitrogen gas for applications ranging from corrosion prevention in power plants to electronics manufacturing, food packaging, and wine making.  Nitrogen gas provides many benefits in eliminating oxidation or producing a dry and sterile environment, but the means by which Nitrogen gas is obtained and applied can vary, resulting in different outcomes on business practices and bottom lines.

Traditionally, N2 gas has been obtained through gas company contracts and involves delivery, storage, and switching out of high pressure cylinders or bulk liquid nitrogen delivery.  South-Tek Systems is excited to be able to offer an alternative to these costly contracts and potentially unreliable deliveries.  They specialize in designing and manufacturing Nitrogen Generator Systems that can be installed at the point of process at your facility and set to generate high purity N2 gas on-demand and as-needed.  Nitrogen Generators are a safe, reliable, and cost efficient alternative to high pressure cylinders.

The proven benefits and and efficacy of Nitrogen gas coupled with the convenience and cost savings of a Nitrogen Generator installed at the facility could mean a boost to the efficiency of production, the quality of the product, and the company's bottom line.  A rapid return on investment (ROI) means greater savings over the long term while the convenient and low maintenance qualities of a Nitrogen Generator mean greater productivity and reliability.

Contact South-Tek Systems to learn more about their leading Nitrogen Generator Systems: 888-526-6284.

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