Thursday, February 9, 2012

How Does a Nitrogen Generator Work? PSA Technology

South-Tek Systems is a leading engineer and manufacturer of Nitrogen Generator systems used around the world for numerous applications.  Our systems help businesses and US government operations reduce costs, increase safety, and improve efficiency. 

A Nitrogen Generator produces high purity N2 gas at the point of process safely, reliably, and efficiently.  From portable and compact systems to large, high output systems, Nitrogen Generators allow businesses, property owners, and government operations to produce their own source of N2 gas on-demand.

There are two technologies we use here at South-Tek System to create our Nitrogen Generators: PSA Technology and Membrane Technology (we'll discuss Membrane Technology in detail in a future post).

How Does a Nitrogen Generator Work - PSA Technology

Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Technology works this way:
  •  A carbon molecular sieve (CMS) adsoprbs oxygen and water vapor molecules under high pressure while allowing nitrogen to pass through
  • A sieve bed pressure vessel is filled with the CMS
  • The sieve bed is then pressurized with air
  • O2, CO2, CO and other molecules are captured and held inside the CMS
  • N2 molecules are drawn off into N2 receiving tank
  • O2, CO2, CO and other molecules are flushed from teh CMS by depressurizing the sieve bed
  • The CMS is flushed and cleansed, ready for new air
Here is a basic working diagram of a PSA Gas Generator System:

To learn more about how we utilize PSA Technology with our Nitrogen Gas Generators, please visit South-Tek System PSA Nitrogen Gas Generation Systems.

Contact South-Tek Systems today to learn how a Nitrogen Generator can benefit your operation: 888-526-6284.


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