Thursday, March 29, 2012

How Does a Nitrogen Generator Work? Membrane Technology

Nitrogen Generators separate N2 molecules directly from the air we breathe.  The air contains 79% nitrogen and nitrogen generators use simple, green technology to filter out the other gases, concentrating the nitrogen gas into a storage tank for process usage.

In an earlier post on this blog, we discussed PSA technology with nitrogen generators.  PSA technology uses a pressurized carbon molecular sieve (CMS) to capture O2, CO2, CO and other molecules while N2 molecules are drawn off into N2 receiving tank.  The CMS is then flushed and cleansed, ready for new air.

How Does a Nitrogen Generator Work - Membrane Technology

Membrane technology with nitrogen generators uses compressed air forced through a polymeric hollow fiber to selectively permeate oxygen, water vapor, and other impurities out of its side walls while allowing nitrogen to flow through its center and emerge as high purity N2 gas.

Here is a basic working diagram of how Membrane technology works for nitrogen generators:

South-Tek Systems uses Membrane technology with our N2 GEN Series Compact Nitrogen Generators as well as in our BeerBlast®  and TireBlast®  products.

The benefits of Membrane technology include:

  • Mechanical, safe process (not a chemical process)
  • Least expensive N2 production method
  • High N2 purities, or high N2 volumes at lower purity levels
  • High reliability due to simple airflow designs
  • Utilizes lower operating and delivery pressures

To learn more about how we use Membrane technology with our nitrogen gas generators, please visit South-Tek Systems Membrane Specialty Filtration Technology.

Contact South-Tek Systems today to learn how a Nitrogen Generator can benefit your operation: 888-526-6284.


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