Monday, September 24, 2012

South-Tek Systems Introduces MAP-IT™ Flow and Purity Verification System for Nitrogen Gas Generators

South-Tek Systems now uses the patent pending MAP-IT™ Flow and Purity Verification System for their nitrogen gas generating units.  This system allows the company to identify the exact flow rates and purity of nitrogen gas required for a client's application.

MAP-IT ™ Flow and Purity Verification System

Wilmington, N.C., September 2012 - South-Tek Systems is pleased to introduce the MAP-IT™ Flow and Purity Verification System now used to determine a client's nitrogen gas requirements in order to outfit a facility with the most appropriate Nitrogen Generator system for its needs.  This system eliminates any guess work or estimation from the process of purchasing and installing a new Nitrogen Generator unit.

A Nitrogen Generator system is a cost effective, safe, and reliable alternative to N2 gas deliveries in high pressure cylinders.  It provides an unlimited supply of high purity Nitrogen gas at the point of process and eliminates the need for ordering Nitrogen dewars, high pressure cylinders or liquid bulk tank fills.  A Nitrogen Generator installed at a facility will save fifty to ninety percent off a company's current or anticipated Nitrogen gas costs, therefore significantly reducing operating costs.

South-Tek Systems is a leading engineer and manufacturer of Nitrogen Generators, supplying private and government owned facilities worldwide with this self-generating source of high purity N2 gas.  Their signature N2-GEN® Series of Nitrogen Generators are designed with varying levels of output and purities, making the N2-GEN® system ideal for any size application.

The MAP-IT™ Flow and Purity Verification System has been designed and is implemented by South-Tek Systems to ensure that the most ideal nitrogen gas generating system is fitted for each and every client facility and operation.  The MAP-IT™ system will determine the maximum Nitrogen flow rate and optimum Nitrogen purity for any application, prior to choosing and installing the new Nitrogen Generator unit.

"South-Tek Systems has been using a Flow Verification System for some time now to help ensure that we are providing clients with the ideal product for their usage," comments Charles Metzler, the head of Industrial and Military Sales at South-Tek Systems. "The MAP-IT™ system is an exciting improvement on our original technology, with an improved data acquisition system as well as O2, flow, and purity analyzers."

To learn more about how the MAP-IT™ Flow and Purity Verification System works and how it can benefit your operation, contact South-Tek Systems at or 888-526-6284.


Charles Metzler
South-Tek Systems
2940 Orville Wright Way
Wilmington, NC 28405



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