Monday, November 26, 2012

Valuable ROI with a Nitrogen Generator

 Why Switch Your Nitrogen Gas Source?

Businesses and facilities currently using bulk or liquid N2 gas for one or more of Nitrogen's many useful applications may be tied to a gas company for N2 supply, delivery, high pressure tank changeouts, and gas storage.  All of these steps in the process of securing the necessary amount of Nitrogen gas represent inefficiencies and excess expenses including:

  • Unending cycle of monthly gas bills
  • Gas taxes
  • Tank leasing fees
  • Contract management costs
  • Long term contracts that end with an increase in Nitrogen gas costs
How Can a Nitrogen Generator Produce Valuable ROI?

By purchasing a Nitrogen Generator from South-Tek Systems, you can make your own Nitrogen gas right at your facility and put an end to your gas contracts.  Benefits of this investment include:
  • Eliminating routine costs and inefficiencies outlined above.
  • Producing only the N2 gas you need, when you need it, and at the flow rate you require.
  • Taking advantage of the South-Tek Systems MAP-IT Flow and Purity Verification System to identify the exact flow rates and purity of nitrogen gas required for your application.
  • Using our Performance Verification System to monitor the performance of your system and be guaranteed that the Nitrogen Generator you purchase meets or exceeds the specifications requested.
Measuring Your ROI

How much, and within what time period, a Nitrogen Generator will positively impact your bottom line - in other words, measuring your ROI -  is key to making your decision. Once you lease or purchase your nitrogen generating system, you will start saving on all those excess expenses we mentioned above as well as improve plant efficiency by cutting administrative and operational tasks tied to bulk N2 gas contracts, delivery, and storage.

Once the Nitrogen Generator has paid for itself in terms of cost savings, this will result in cash flow for your business. If you go on to add up monthly savings and future cash flows, subtract out your initial investment, and end up with a positive result, it may be time to request a cost estimate for your Nitrogen Generator.

Contact South-Tek Systems

South-Tek Systems is a leading designer and manufacturer of Nitrogen generating systems.  Our featured product line for industrial applications is the N2 GEN Series, available in a variety of sizes, outputs, and N2 gas purity levels.  We invite you to contact the experts at South-Tek Systems today to obtain pricing on a Nitrogen Generator for your facility: 888-526-6284.


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