Friday, May 3, 2013

Exhaust Dilution with Nitrogen Gas

Exhaust dilution is an important process used extensively in manufacturing and industrial applications. The process works by emitting gas particles from mechanical engines and diluting phase pneumatic conveying of materials through a system of pipes.  This process cools the surrounding atmosphere and eliminates the presence of oxygen, alleviating a huge safety concern.

Without such a process in place, excess heat and dust can build up and oxygen can react with hazardous materials causing imbalances in pressure and even explosions. Additionally, the presence of oxygen can create unwanted damage through oxidization, a reaction that occurs when condensation forms along the mechanical equipment.

By using Nitrogen gas in an exhaust dilution process, the presence of oxygen can be eliminated, preventing oxidization and serious safety hazards. Because Nitrogen is a clean, dry and inert gas, it can help diffuse or dilute the materials found in a pneumatic conveying system without the unwanted presence of oxygen. Nitrogen is commonly used in pneumatic conveying systems to help transport materials, particularly closed-loop systems. In these systems, the gas is recycled and conserved as the transport medium.

Safety is a major concern when it comes to the operation of a pneumatic convey system. Some types of materials that are transported through these systems are explosive, especially in high concentrations. By using an inert gas such as Nitrogen, a pneumatic conveying system can function at the optimal level of safety. Through exhaust dilution with Nitrogen, these dangerous materials can be effectively transported and your facility and equipment can continue to operate successfully.

To learn more about Nitrogen for exhaust dilution, as well as other common industrial applications for Nitrogen, contact South-Tek Systems - a leading provider of Nitrogen Generators.

Other industrial applications for nitrogen include aerospace manufacturing, burst testing, nanolabs and there are many more. No matter what type of facility you run, it is likely that Nitrogen can help your business run more safely and efficiently. Call us at 888-526-6284 to learn more.


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