Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New Website Design for South-Tek Systems

The team at South-Tek Systems is excited to announce the relaunch of our website at  www.southteksystems.com.  Our new website provides a great deal of information regarding our own Nitrogen Generator Systems, Technology, and Engineered Solutions as well as detailed information regarding specific Nitrogen Gas Applications for a wide variety of industries.

Our goal with our new website design is to connect more easily with potential customers based on their specific needs for industrial, GSA, or commercial N2 gas applications.  We also want to make it easier for our current customers to access details, updates, and support for their Nitrogen Generator System.

Read the Official Press Release: South-Tek Systems Announces Website Relaunch

Visitors to the website can search by product name or by industry to find the ideal Nitrogen Generator for their application. They can also explore details about our Technology and our Engineered Solutions including the following:
These Engineered Solutions ensure that our customers are matched with the best possible system to suit their N2 gas needs.  The Flow Verification Program measures a customer's N2 gas requirements before we set them up with a system.  Once the best possible system has been installed at the client facility, we ensure optimal performance, safety and reliability with the patented Performance Verification System, MAP-IT, BlastOff, and Electronics Controller Packages.

We are excited to be able to provide such a great deal of information through our website for our clients and potential clients.  We hope you can take a minute to visit our newly designed website at www.southteksystems.com.  We appreciate your comments and feedback!


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